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Third suspect arrested in Wings cafe shooting


The U.S. Marshall's Southeast Regional Task Force arrested Vertuice Wall of Macon Wednesday afternoon at an apartment in Marietta, Georgia.. Wall is charged with 2 counts of murder and 1 count of criminal street gang activity in connection with a December 12 shooting and homicide at Wings Cafe'. The incident is still under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Bibb County Sheriff's Office at (478)751-7500 or Macon Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-877-68CRIME.


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UPDATE: One arrested, two more sought in Macon nightclub shooting

The first man arrested in connection with last week's fatal shooting at a Macon nightclub remaiins in jail without bond.

Eric Watkins Jr. appeared before a magistrate judge this afternoon. He is charged with two counts of felony murder and taking part in gang activities.

Watkins was somber when he appeared before the judge. He said he wants a commitment hearing where the charges against him will be explained.

So far, he does not have an attorney

Sheriff David Davis says there are warrants out on three other suspects: Kenyata Lester, Markques Patterson and Vertuice Wall. All three are reported members of the Blacc Team gang, according to the sheriff's office.

Ellis: get guns away from Macon's youth

Former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis says he plans to put together an anti-youth-violence movement.

This comes after shootings at Wings Cafe that killed two people and wounded four others.

Ellis says his fight against violence started years ago.

"Twenty years ago, I stood exactly where this family is standing, where these families are standing today, I stood mourning the death of my young brother," Ellis says.

He says the recent killings at Wings Cafe brought those memories back, and renewed his energy to fight youth violence.

Ellis says gun violence is everywhere, "But we have to be concerned about a little corner of the earth that we occupy which happens to be Macon, Georgia. So therefore we should put all of our efforts into doing whatever we can to get illegal guns off of our streets and out of the hands of these young, especially young people."

Commission split on Wings Cafe solution

Two Macon-Bibb commissioners want Wings Cafe to see some kind of consequence, after a shooting there last week left two dead and four others injured.

They suggested pulling the business's liquor license, effectively stripping away the establishment's club element.
But tonight, others said not so fast.

They argue public input and the rights of the club owners may lead to a better solution.

"I feel I been knocked over the head with a hammer because you walked in here and we've been talking about it all weekend, last week I didn't expect any opposition from colleagues," Macon-Bibb Commissioner Al Tillman said.

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Bibb could shut down Wings Cafe

Days after a shooting at Wings Cafe killed two and wounded four others, it hasn't reopened; no business inside.

And one Macon-Bibb County commissioner wants to keep it that way.

"If our safety is at risk, we're not gonna stand for it, and we're gonna shut you down," said Commissioner Al Tillman, whose district includes Wings.

He says based on a county ordinance, there could be grounds for suspending or revoking an establishment's alcohol license if within a year, there are more than two occasions of fights, disorderly conduct or similar behavior.

"It's an ongoing escalation of violence. And right now, the reputation of this place, I just don't know how they can bounce back," Tillman said.

Bibb commissioner wants to shut Wings Cafe

Bibb County Commissioner Al Tillman says he is taking steps to shut down Wings Cafe.

Two people were were killed and four wounded when a gunfight broke out at the club early Friday.

Tillman says they are using to approaches and following through with whichever one seems to move faster.

One of the ways is through the commission. Tomorrow, they plan on bringing it to a vote to decide if the Bibb County commission will move forward with shutting Wings Cafe down.

The other avenue is through the business license. If the club is deemed unsafe after an inspection, then the license will be revoked, forcing Wings Cafe to close its doors.

The owner, then, has the option to make a case fighting the license revocation. However, Tillman says that since this has not been the first shooting at Wings Cafe, he does not think the owner would have much of an argument.

Macon minister, boxing promoter Frank Ray dies

A man of the cloth and a man of the ring.

Today, many people in Bibb County are mourning the Rev. Frank Ray, 85.

He was both a Macon minister and a booster for boxing in the city.

Ray was the longtime president of the Macon Boxing Club and the county's new boxing arena was named in his honor earlier this year.

According to his friend, Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Al Tillman, the Reverend Ray died in a Macon nursing home.