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Macon woman returns to Boston to complete marathon on Monday.

Monday, the world will watch as people from all over the country converge on Boston for the 118th Marathon.

This comes a little over a year after a pair of brothers unleashed bombs that killed and injured hundreds of athletes and spectators at the finish line.

One woman plans to go back to Boylston Street and finish what she began last spring.

Lori Brewer is thankful that she and her family survived the bombing.

State orders Macon daycare to close

A Macon daycare is facing closure because state investigators say a child was left in a van for more than four hours.

That's according to the state Department of Early Care and Learning.

They say it happened Monday at the Charlotte's Webb Day Care at 4060 Napier Ave.

Brittany Battle says her son, Kendal, 5, was left in the van.

McDaniel case lawyers head back to court Monday

Lawyers in Stephen McDaniel's murder trial are headed back to court Monday, one week before jury selection in his case is scheduled to begin.

A 9 a.m. motions hearing is scheduled before Judge Howard SImms in Bibb County Superior Court. That's according to a news release from the office of District Attorney David Cooke.

The release does not describe which motions will be discussed, and lawyers in the case are under a gag order from Simms.

But last week, McDaniel's lawyers filed a motion on jury selection. They asked to interview potential jurors in panels of 12, at one-hour intervals, rather than in a single large group.

The defense lawyers wrote that potential jurors who are required to sit in a courtroom for hours "become uncomfortable, bored, agitated" and, after hearing lawyers' questions, often figure out ways to avoid getting picked for the jury.

Spring Fling Day 18: Office Supplies

Spring Fling Day 18: Office Supplies

Welcome to the Spring Fling. Join us every day in April to start flinging the clutter from your life!


Staples, paper clips and notepads, oh my! Today go through any office supplies you might have in your house or your office. Do you have more paper clips that one human could ever use? Is the junk drawer overflowing with pens, half of which don’t work? Purge what you truly don’t need or won’t use in the foreseeable future.  Consider donating your overflow to local schools or churches or other nonprofits.


Now go flinging!  Please come back and tell me how many office supplies you were able to fling today.


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American Legion officer charged with stealing $5,300

The former commander of a Macon American Legion post is accused of stealing nearly $5,300 from the post.

Kenneth Maye, age 59, of Lizella was arrested Thursday and charged with fidicuiary theft by taking, according to the Bibb County jail. He was released later Thursday on $4,050 bond.

According to an arrest warrant, Maye admitted to investigators that he took a $5,293 check from a game-machine company and put it in his personal account instead of the post's safe or bank account.

Maye told investigators he believed the post owed him the funds because he had contributed his own money to the post's game-machine payouts.

But post officials told investigators that Maye was not authorized to keep the check. The arrest warrant was issued April 8, and Maye surrendered to the jail Thursday, according to jail records.

GEICO adding 500 new Macon jobs


With more than 5,000 employees, GEICO is Macon-Bibb's largest private employer.

Now, they're planning on adding another 520 new jobs by the end of the year.

Assistant VP of Claims Suzanne Worthen says a combination of business growth and Macon employees transferring to other locations has led to the large amount of new job opportunities.

Worthen says the new positions include sales, service, claims, and emergency road service, all jobs handled at their Macon call center.

The salary range for the positions range between $28,000 and $40,000, depending on the job.

Middle Georgia State College Holds Gaming Workshop

Diego Lizarazo is a Developer Technical Evangelist for Microsoft. He stopped by Middle Georgia State College to lead a gaming workshop.

"One of the examples that I was showing them was made by a high school student in just a little over two weeks in his free time," he said.

Will Haggerty, a freshman at Houston County High School, has wanted to do game design since he was in seventh grade.

He says programming is a field that people at any age can appreciate.

"If you're 40, or if you're my age, 15, you're gonna understand it," Haggerty said.

"If you like games, it's a great way to understand how to create games, and it's an industry that's growing, but also because it's a really cool way to start learning how to program," Lizarazo said.

He says programming is important to learn because different types of jobs are becoming more dependent on technology.