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Seniors discuss keeping Macon-Bibb "age-friendly"

Things are good, but could be better. That's how seniors described life in Macon Wednesday during a round-table discussion.

This comes a year after the AARP and the World Health Organization named Macon-Bibb an age-friendly city.

Beverly Lipkins' days at the Blair House are quiet and trouble free, but she wishes there were more activities throughout the city.

"I would think that there would be more than there are in our neighborhoods, but I think it's getting better," Lipkins said.

She was one of about 10 seniors who participated in a focus group on how Macon treats its seniors.

It's one thing Katherine Buchman and members of the Macon-Bibb Age Friendly Coalition are hoping to change by focusing on all aspects of senior living.

Gov. Deal signs downtown "renaissance act" in Macon


Steve Bell's been busy getting ready to open his new grocery store in downtown Macon.

Called Ocmulgee Traders, Bell said Wednesday he opens in a few weeks.

"We call it an urban market so it's, if you think of a European market, this is kind of the size store you find in Europe," Bell said.

Once done, Bell said, it'll be the only grocery store in downtown. He was so busy putting in flooring Wednesday morning that he missed the governor right across the street.

Governor Deal to sign bill in Macon


Gov. Nathan Deal stopped in Macon today on Poplar Street Park to sign the Downtown Renaissance Act and to congratulate the Mercer University basketball team.

Sponsored by state Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, the Downtown Renaissance Act, created with the Georgia Downtown Association, provides $5 million in funding for the Department of Community Affairs for four years. The funding helps in "providing technical assistance and loans to municipal corporations" for downtown development projects in Georgia.

Gregg Allman film production to resume in L.A.

Filming for the Gregg Allman biography, "Midnight Rider," is scheduled to resume in Los Angeles this spring after a fatal train accident halted production in Georgia earlier this year.

That's according to a statement on the website of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, the film-technicans' union that is working on the film.

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Non-profit launched for cannabis oil treatment

Non-profit launched for cannabis oil treatment

After the defeat of HB 885, the bill that would have made the use of cannabis oil for medical purposes legal in the state of Georgia, state Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, wants families to know they may qualify to get financial help to travel for the treatment.

In a letter addressed to HB 885 families posted Tuesday on his Facebook page, Peake praised the governor for moving forward with clinical trials for cannabis oil. He also acknowledged that many families are currently in the position of going out of state to get the treatment for their sick children.

Spring Fling Day 16: Cups & Water Bottles

Spring Fling Day 16: Cups & Water Bottles

Welcome to the Spring Fling. Join us every day in April to start flinging the clutter from your life!


Does your family only use coffee cups and Tervis tumblers? Is your youngest child 12 years old but there are still sippy cups on the shelves? It’s time to fling the glasses and cups you don’t use. This will allow for the glasses you do like to use and it will keep them from tumbling out of the cupboard whenever you open the door.  Then go through your water bottle collection. Toss the ones with no lids and chewed up tops. Whittle the number of water bottles down to reasonable amount.


Now go flinging!  Please come back and tell me how many cups and water bottles you were able to fling today.


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Macon-Bibb Crime Files

Macon-Bibb Crime Files

Tuesday files:

Date: April 14

Incident type: Contact person

Location: 3825 Cathy Drive, Macon