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Macon-Bibb volleys over tennis courts

After about six months of construction, the Tattnall Square Tennis Courts are near completion, along with another project.

That's the John Drew Tennis Center just off Northside Drive. Between the two facilities and a third, Tennis Director Carl Hodge thinks a new facility could pay off big for Macon-Bibb, to the tune of more than $6 million.

"We are hopeful that we'll be able to put a new building over at Tattnall, if not a new building to renovate it," Hodge said.
The Tattnall Square location's set to reopen May 1st.

And the John Drew Tennis Center will get a new overlook area that could add more than 2,000 square feet to the existing facility.
Now he's just waiting to see a third facility added.

"It's about an $8.8 million project that's going to be out in the South Bibb area," he said.

Caribbean restaurant opens in Ingleside Village

It took a while.

They've been trying to open for a few years.

On Thursday - finally, "we're here to feed the community and do the best we can," said Everald Gordon, manager of Tropical Flava on Ingleside Avenue.

The location was formerly Ingleside Village Pizza, which moved across the street. If you were ever in there, you wouldn't recognize the place now.

Completely transformed from the eclectic IVP decor, Tropical Flava gives the feel of a warm Caribbean hide-a-way.

Gordon started the transformation of the building in 2011. As for why it took so long, he said "A combination of obstacles ... it was treacherous."

Tropical Flava opened its first location at 5201 Houston Road about 5 years ago and they hope to open a third in Warner Robins next year.

State judge approves Macon daycare closing

A state judge has approved a 21-day closing of Charlotte's Webb daycare in Macon, after investigators found a boy had been left in a van for more than four hours last week.

Administrative law judge Stephen Teate issued his decision Thursday afternoon approving the closing.

Owner Charlotte Perkins last week appealed a closing order from the state Department of Early Care and Learning.

Teate ruled after a hearing on Tuesday, after lawyers for Perkins and for the state agency argued the case.

He wrote that he found several serious safety violations.

Spring Fling Day 24: T-Shirts

Spring Fling Day 24: T-Shirts

Sort through your t-shirt collection.  We seem to get a new t-Shirt for every event we participate in and every new place we go. Pair down to the ones that are in good shape and you truly care about. Let the others go. Extra special shirts could be made into a quilt or you can take a picture or video and keep that instead. Check out this cool video of what one man did with his collection of 312 t-shirts before donating them (6 garbage bags FULL!).  http://youtu.be/6l4eTwwKygg


Now go flinging!  Please come back and tell me how many t-shirts you were able to fling today.


If you would like to receive these flings directly in your email box, subscribe here.


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Mercer Football hosting summer camps for youth

Mercer Football hosting summer camps for youth

Mercer Football hosts summer camp sessions for youth, middle school and high school.

Check details and other sports summer camp session availability.

Adult Field Day in May

Adult Field Day in May

Do you miss Field Day from your school days?

Macon-Bibb Parks and Recreation has an antidote for your nostalgia: Adult Field Day on May 17.

If you're interested, you can download the registration form. It's $150 for a team of six people.

Deadline is May 9.

Sundown Screen Series continues

Sundown Screen Series continues