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Anderson Foundation Donates $1.5 Million to Promote Macon | News

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Anderson Foundation Donates $1.5 Million to Promote Macon

The Peyton Anderson Foundation is making a big donation to promote the City of Macon.

The foundation is giving NewTown Macon about $1.5 million to promote Macon to outside communities through a new program they are calling The Gateway Initiative.

Beth Dunwody is the Project Director for The Gateway Initiative, and she says the program will be reaching out to regional, state, and national communities to promote Macon.

Dunwody says they will be doing this through on-line applications, commercials, music videos, billboards, and kiosks throughout the state.

She says, they are hoping to reach a younger audience and attract people to downtown Macon.

"Macon is like a diamond in the rough," says rapper Sonny Spoon.

Sonny Spoon spent most of his childhood in Macon, and he says, working on a project to promote the city really hit home for him.

"I grew up listening to Otis Redding, Little Richard, James Brown and the whole nine," he says.

But he says, Macon is more than just music history, he says it's time for the city to look to the future.

"It's all about bringing money and opportunity and jobs to the city." He says.

Beth Dunwody say the Gateway Initiative is doing just that.

"Macon is a beautiful city with tremendous assess that need to be promoted outside of our community," says Dunwody.

Dunwody says tehy're hoping to attract a younger crowd to to the downtown area.

"The lifestyle that we offer and are beginning to offer, is something that age group is looking for," she says.

Peyton Anderson was a former Macon Telegraph publisher whose estate supports charitable causes around Central Georgia.




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