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Bibb B.O.E Ready to Submit Second Offer to Romain Dallemand | News

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Bibb B.O.E Ready to Submit Second Offer to Romain Dallemand

The Bibb County Board of Education finalized Monday evening a new draft of the contract for potential Superintendent Romain Dallemand, according to Board President Gary Bechtel.

The board previously offered Rochester, Minnesota Superintendent Romain Dallemand a 3-year contract for an undisclosed sum, which he decided to negotiate.

In a private meeting, the board discussed changes to its offer after they received the counter-offer from Dallemand's attorney over a week ago, according Gary Bechtel.

He says while the second offer doesn't contain as much money as Dallemand asked for, it does include a higher salary.

Bechtel wouldn't say how much the board is offering the new superintendent, citing attorney-client privilege. 

He had previously said he hoped to have Dallemand on the job in the beginning of 2011, but he says that time line is looking less feasible. However, he says the board is doing everything possible to speed the process.

"We're, you know, getting together on a routine basis to try to turn these things around as quickly as possible so that we don't let any more days pass than necessary," says Bechtel.

Bechtel wouldn't go in to detail about the contents of the board's discussions regarding the contract, but he did say the revisions were about money.

He also says they have yet to develop an 'incentive plan,' which would set up criteria for measuring Dallemand's on-the-job progress, and pay him extra if the district improves.

He says they'll submit the new offer to Dallemand's attorney Tuesday. If Dallemand accepts the new contract, Bechtel says the board could vote on it as early as Thursday.



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