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Bibb Orders Online Virtual Tours for Website | News

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Bibb Orders Online Virtual Tours for Website

When you're looking for information, the first place many people turn to is the internet.

That's why Bibb County's hoping a new virtual tour of the county for their website will highlight all Bibb has to offer families and business looking to move or visit to the area.

Macon dentist Dr. Sharon Jordan has big dreams for the community where she's lived all her life.

"Macon has taken a slow growth for me, so I'd like to see it catch up with the surrounding areas," said Jordan.

That's why paying $6,000 to support a county project to promote people visiting, moving and bringing more industries to the area sounded like a good idea.

She one of several local businesses and groups sponsoring the virtual tour videos that will soon be available on the county website.

"It would just be a good opportunity for us, my business as a general dentist to get involved with the community to get out name out in the community," said Jordan.

Janice Ross helped lead the project. She spent three days traveling across the county with a film crew.

"I have lived here my whole life and so when they asked me to take this project on, I knew the parts of Bibb County that I loved and so those are the reasons we picked those area," said Ross.

The project has about ten short videos that cover topics like arts and culture, healthcare, education and tourism. It also has interviews with people from the community like Don Faulk, CEO of the Medical Center of Central Georgia and Josh Rogers with the Historic Macon Foundation.

Steve Layson the county's chief administrative officer says Bibb will be one of the first counties in Georgia to take part in this type of project. The county worked with CGI Communications' eLocalLink on the videos.

"They go out and get the sponsors and they do the filming, they do the whole program and it doesn't cost the county anything because they've got sponsors," said Layson.

If you go on the county website right now you'll find short coming soon animations. You can find the link of the left side of the Bibb County Wwebpage. Layson says they videos should be completed and up for viewing in the next few weeks.


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