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Central Georgia Stores Look to Hire for the Holidays | News

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Central Georgia Stores Look to Hire for the Holidays


The holiday season is right around the corner and some stores have already begun looking for extra help.

Catherine Lyles has worked her way up from a part-time employee at Best Buy to helping pick out and train new employees, and with the holidays coming up she's looking for more.

"We are gearing up for the holidays by hiring occasional seasonal part-time positions throughout the store," said Lyles.

She says the store has held job fairs and will likely hold another one before the holidays, and Best Buy isn't alone.

Kohl's says it expects to hire about 35 seasonal employees per store across the country, a 20 percent increase in seasonal hiring from last year.

Bass Pro Shops say they've already filled many of their seasonal positions.

Georgia's Department of Labor says now is the time to look for those seasonal jobs because stores will need to train employees in time for the holidays.

The DOL says you can look for seasonal jobs on their website. They also suggest letting friends and family know you're looking for work and brushing up your resume and interviewing skills at a local career center.

Some stores say they start hiring seasonal employees as early as September, and at Best Buy that job can last until January or February, but it doesn't have to end there.

Bob Thompson with the Georgia Department of Labor says if you want your part-time position to last beyond the holidays, you should treat it like a serious full-time job.

"They're going to remember who were the best workers during the holiday times. So don't just go into it saying this is just a part-time job, it's gonna last through Christmas and then I'll be out of here. Go into it thinking this is gonna be a long-term, full-time job," said Thompson.

For Lyle that means being on time, staying organized and focusing on your job. She says even if you don't know everything about electronics, reaching customers is key, and the store will help you with the rest.


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