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Commissioner Echols to Hold Roundtables Across State

Commissioner Tim Echols with the Georgia Public Service Commission will be hosting a series of roundtable discussions on alternative fuel vehicles round tables across the state from February 8 through February 10, a Georgia Public Service Commission news release says.

A number of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AGVs), will be on display during these roundtable discussions including a new Honda CNG Civic, an Electric Car from Georgia Power, a Bi-Fuel F-150 (CNG and Gas) and a bio-diesel Mercedes that runs on vegetable oil (Athens location only).

 “This roundtable brings together policy makers, businesses involved with clean energy, and those who actually use this technology each and every day,” said Echols, who himself drives a CNG car. “It is my hope that we can show the general public, corporate community and media that alternative energy can mean jobs and economic development for our state.”

In Dublin, the round table will take place on February 9 from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. in the MAGE Solar Training Room. That's located at 720 Industrial Blvd.


Invited Guests to the round tables include:


The Honorable Doug Everett—Public Service Commissioner, State of Georgia.  Spearheading PSC’s effort to use USF funds to jumpstart CNG network.


Greg King—State Economic Development Team.  Greg is part of the state’s economic development team charged with recruiting new business to Georgia and supporting the expansion of existing business.


George Young—Georgia Green Fuels.  George and his business partner, Leon Daniel, are partners in a small business which is the only other “FuelMaker” dealer in the state beside AGL. 


David Jaskolski—Peach State Freightliner Account Manager.  Freightliner is OEM of CNG heavy duty trucks – not an aftermarket converter – at their factory in NC.  DeKalb County will be using their trucks.


Mark Johnson—Augusta/Richmond County Solid Waste Director. The City is requiring their waste haulers to convert to CNG trucks and just issued an RFP to construct a public-access CNG station at their landfill.


Robert Thompson—Fleet Director, Mall of Georgia Honda.  They are the authorized dealer for Honda Civic GX in Georgia. He will have a new Honda CNG Civic at all round tables.


Mandy Mahoney—City of Atlanta Sustainability for the Mayor.  Mandy is a key person in implementation of the Mayor’s sustainability strategy including goals for alternative fuels, carbon reduction, etc.


Billy Malone—DeKalb County Assistant Director of Sanitation.  Billy is champion of the DOE funded project to install a landfill gas to CNG project currently before the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners for approval.


Winston Cooper—Ground Transportation Manager, Atlanta Airport. Helped secure deal to convert parking shuttles to CNG.


Kevin Green—Clean Air Campaign, Executive Director. 


Barbara Johnson and Jamie Farnham—Clean Energy Fuels.  This company is building CNG stations all over the world.


Andrea Whisenhunt—PS Energy.  Andrea’s company sells E-85 and CNG at locations in Atlanta.


Rodney Dill and several associates—Manager of Market Development, Municipal Gas Association of Georgia.  MGAG is interested in helping their members develop CNG projects and just joined Clean Cities.


Sam Fleet—Pickens Plan leader for Georgia.  Actively promoting CNG throughout state and nation.


Zach Whitsel—Drives propane Honda Civic and has Solar PV home. (Athens location only).


Brad Fink—Drives bio-diesel cars and trucks daily.  Inventor. (Athens location only)


Ian Skelton—AGL CNG expert.


Joe Thomas, President and CEO, Mage Solar—This company makes the collectors for the “solar tree” charging stations for electric cars.  Mage Solar will host the Dublin event.


Steve Hollis, CEO, Power Partners, Inc. Steve’s company makes solar hot water heating systems in Athens, GA for worldwide distribution.  Power Partners will host the Athens meeting.


Georgia Power—GP will bring their electric car to all five events.


Danny Stone—Snapping Shoals EMC—Using CNG in service trucks for many years.


Mike Britt—Director of Maintenance and Engineering - International Operations UPS—Using CNG in some of their Atlanta vehicles. (Atlanta meeting only).


Eric Murano—ATT.  Manager of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations, Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Team ATT—Using many alternative fuels.


Mary Ann Jackson, MARTA Assistant General Manager of Bus Operations.  MARTA uses CNG in 400 buses.


Rick Hewatt—owns Atlanta Checker Cab and committed to alternative fuels.


Bill Fox—Fleet director for UGA and experimenter with many alternative fuels. (Athens location only).


Daniel Geller—UGA Department of Engineering. (Athens location only).


Kevin Kirsche—UGA Physical Plant Director. (Athens location only).


Ryan Adolphson—UGA Department of Engineering. (Athens location only).


Ed Finnegan—Fleet director for the State of GA. (Atlanta location only).


Ron Orr—Owner of many CNG dedicated and bi-fueled vehicles. Ron will have his bi-fuel F-150 at all round table locations.


Dr. Valentin Soloiu and Dr. Mohammad Davoud.  Professors at Georgia Southern working with Bio-Fuels including a Peanut Oil/Diesel Mix.


Kasim Reed—Mayor of Atlanta. (not confirmed).


Otis Johnson—Mayor of Savannah.


Alvin Brown—Director, Vehicle Operations, City of Savannah.


Phil Best—Mayor of Dublin.


Keith Moffett—City of Macon, Internal Affairs director.


Nancy Denson—Mayor of Athens.


David Clark—Director of Transportation and Public Works, Clarke County.


Deke Copenhaver—Mayor, Augusta/Richmond County.


Commissioner Echols is the newest member of the Georgia Public Service Commission, having been elected statewide to a six-year term in November, 2010.


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