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Grassroots Organization to Host Men's Symposium Monday | Community Spirit

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Grassroots Organization to Host Men's Symposium Monday
Macon Community Enrichment Organization (MCEO), a grassroots organization, is hosting its First Men’s Symposium – Men Reaching Out to Men on Monday, Dec. 20, 2010 at 6 p.m. at the Rosa Jackson Center. The Men’s Symposium – Men Reaching Out to Men was designed so that the men of MCEO could sit down, face-to-face with young men and youth who may have been exposed to crime.  The goal of the symposium is to understand what they are facing and challenge them to seek more and be more, a MCEO news release says.  Many people think violent crimes and gang mentality are solely based on a lack of family involvement, disrespect for community and life itself, and a lower moral compass.  Research shows many variables affect those who lead a life of crime including economic conditions, which also correlates with education and employability; demographics such as family structure and involvement of fathers; and being a victim of or witnessing previous violent crimes, the release says.  The leadership committee of MCEO will be able to further define strategies for how the organization can have an active role in focusing on the root cause.  This does not translate to reactive programming, but initiating programs that focus on the underlying issues. MCEO seeks to improve the quality of life for generations of people to come. MCEO’s areas of focus are Education, Economic Development, Community Development, Leadership Development and Health/Wellness. MCEO believes these areas can build stronger, healthier and more productive neighborhoods and restore pride and improve quality of life for all starting with East Macon.  


MCEO Founder Dominique Johnson says, “We are closely connected to the current generation.  Many people who are engaging in certain activities are our former classmates or their children.  As a grass-roots organization with people who have lived in inner city neighborhoods, graduated from Macon’s public schools and have excelled in life; it is up to us to leverage these existing relationships to evoke change. We are not going to sit in our offices, rest in our homes and look at the problem.  We are going to reach out to our community and understand how we can we help. Whether it is working with local governments, helping to establish job programs or simply connecting families to existing resources; we are here. ”


For more information contact Mr. Dominique Johnson at 478-227-7307 or search MCEO on Facebook.

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