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Macon Police Investigating Wave of Card-Fraud Cases | News

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Macon Police Investigating Wave of Card-Fraud Cases

Macon police say they've asked the Secret Service to help them investigate a wave of credit and debit-card fraud cases.

Sgt. Keith Woodford says they've gotten more than one hundred of reports in the past two weeks and said he reviewed 15 new cases Wednesday morning.

He said the reports are coming from people who made purchases at several downtown Macon businesses and a variety of local banks. The cases don't seem to involve any single business, he said.

Woodford suspects many of the cases may involve the use of "skimmers" -- electronic devices installed in a business's card reader that steal your personal information and transmit it to an unauthorized person.

And unlike most card-fraud cases, which involve online purchases only, Woodford said many of these recent cases may involve thieves who actually created phony cards.

He said the fraudulent purchases typically totaled $200 to $800 each.

Local business owner, Rick Cain, says he ate in Macon on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, but was billed for a purchase at a Louis Vuitton shop in Denver on Saturday evening.

The purchases in Denver totaled $3,000. He said he's never been to Denver.

"I feel like I've been a victim of organized crime," he says.

Cain says he's not the only one that's gone through fraud recently.

"Thirty people that I know, some form of fraud has happened to them in the past two weeks," he says.

Sergeant Woodford says the local banks are reimbursing customers for the unauthorized purchases.

13WMAZ has heard from several Central Georgians who say they were victims of card fraud in the last two weeks, often from purchases made in cities they've never been to.

Sergeant Woodford says, so far, they have not found a skimmer installed in any downtown businesses.

He suggests keeping a close eye on your bank statements.








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