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Macon Police Kick Off Crime Task Force, Targets Montpelier Avenue Area | News

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Macon Police Kick Off Crime Task Force, Targets Montpelier Avenue Area

Macon City Councilman Mike Cranford says police began a task force Tuesday night to curb the uptick in crime around the Montpelier Avenue and surrounding area.

Cranford says many of the recent shootings happened in his Ward, which includes Montpelier Avenue and North Atwood Drive.  He says the latest task force includes more than 30 officers, including patrol and gang investigators.  Cranford says they're working in "trouble spots."   

"Canvassing neighborhoods, interviewing people, increasing police presence," said Cranford, "Trying to solve these crimes."

In the past three weeks, there's been six shootings and four killings, said Macon police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet.  Three people were arrested for the killing of Terrilyn Williams, 20, and the shooting of a teenager on Sept. 22 at 1655 North Atwood Drive.

Cranford says he believes some of the crimes may be linked.

"I think a lot of it's gang related and a lot of it's in retaliation and things of this nature because it's not your regular type of crime. You don't just pick somebody at random and kick in a door and rob them and shoot them.  I mean there's got to be something there," said Cranford.

Gaudet said there was a group of officers that patrolled Tuesday night but would not comment on the goal of the group or how long the effort would last.

"They are being nimble, employing different strategies, and last night was just one of them," said Gaudet.


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