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Macon Transit Authority Lowers Fares for Some | News

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Macon Transit Authority Lowers Fares for Some

The Macon Transit Authority announced it will increase the hours that senior citizens, disabled and student riders can receive discounted fares. CEO and General Manager Rick Jones says changes will take effect Friday.

Currently senior and disabled riders are allowed to ride for 65 cents, while students (K-12) are allowed to ride for 75 cents during peak hours.

Peak hours are Monday through Friday form 6 a.m to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Students are only allowed to ride for these prices during the school year.

60-year old James Digby says he doesn't use a senior pass, but might consider getting one now, with the change.

"Yeah, I'm quite sure I'd be interested in it," he said.

The new change taking effect on Friday will allow seniors, mobility impaired and student riders to ride at these discounted rates during all regularly scheduled hours.

Jones says that they hope the change will increase the frequency and number of riders, but also improve service to customers.

"I don't recognize that there's any feasibility in continuing to have set times, restricted times. As long as we have the capacity to provide the service then we should provide the service," said Jones.

He says he's been in communication with Macon State College, Virgina Tech, and Central Georgia Technical College about issuing discount passes to students.


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