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Marshall, Scott Clash in GPB Debate | News

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Marshall, Scott Clash in GPB Debate

13WMAZ will re-broadcast Sunday night's Eighth Congressional District debate tonight at 5:23 p.m., right after Eyewitness News at 5.

Central Georgia congressional candidates questioned each other and fielded questions from journalists at Sunday's Atlanta Press Club debates in Atlanta.

13WMAZ's Frank Malloy moderated the meeting between incumbent Democrat Jim Marshall and Republican challenger Austin Scott.

Scott says the economy takes top priority and he wants the government to do more to create private sector jobs.

He said, "Stop the discussions about cap and trade." That's the proposed plan to limit greenhouse-gas emissions and allow companies that exceed the limits to trade with each other for credits.

Marshall says he supported efforts like the stimulus bill and thinks efforts to prevent economic collapse are working. Now, he says he wants government to back off on spending. 

"Tighten its belt, show some confidence that it can get debt under control," Marshall told a panel of journalists.

Both candidates agree Congress should reduce the national debt.

Scott suggested looking at social programs, and reducing the number of government jobs to cut debt. Marshall agreed reducing government jobs could help, but says that would not be enough to reduce the national debt.

"The biggest savings that we could make would be to get health care right," Marshall said.

To do that, Marshall, who voted against health care reform, says he wants a system that relies less on insurance companies.

Scott says he doesn't support the health care reform bill because he believes it could violate people's rights. 

On illegal immigration, a panelist asked the candidates "Is there any legislation you would support that might include a path to citizenship?"

Both say they don't support amnesty, but offered different solutions. 

"If we can cut off the jobs, that's the most cost-effective way for us to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into this country," Marshall said.

 "We just simply have to return them to their homeland, just as the way we do it right now with those we are able to catch," Scott said. 

Each candidate made attempts to appeal to voters. Scott says he's from a generation that better understands how to be bipartisan. Marshall says lately, he sides with Republicans on issues 60 percent of the time.

12th Congressional district candidates were also invited to the debate, though incumbent Democrat John Barrow did not attend.

Republican candidate Ray McKinney was at the debate and was given then chance to ask questions of his opponent, despite his absence.

McKinney says he created a 19-page jobs plan to help boost job growth. If elected, he says he plans to work to cut spending in Washington.

"What we're doing is we're selling off the future for our children and our grandchildren. It has to stop. It's going to be painful, I understand that. But unless we get people in Washington who say enough is enough, we have got to cut spending, we have got to slow down, we have got to turn the ship around, we're going to destroy this country," McKinney said.

13WMAZ will host a political forum Thursday, Oct. 14 at Reaves Arena, during the Georgia National Fair.

You can hear from candidates in Georgia's gubernatorial and 8th district races.

Democrat Roy Barnes, Republican Nathan Deal, and Libertarian John Monds will meet in the gubernatorial forum at 7 p.m.

8th District incumbent Jim Marshall and challenger Austin Scott will face off at 8:30 p.m.

The forum is open to all fairgoers.

We will live stream the debate on our website and will live blog the event as it happens. You can also catch the debate replayed on 13WMAZ the following Saturday, Oct. 16.


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