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Mayor Asks Council to Extend Deadline for Service Delivery Decision | News

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Mayor Asks Council to Extend Deadline for Service Delivery Decision

Mayor Robert Reichert asked City Council's Ordinances and Resolutions Committee to extend the deadline for service delivery strategy negotiations Monday.

The service delivery strategy gives Macon and Bibb County guidelines for which entity provides what services, and who has to pay for them.

The state's existing deadline for a decision is October 31, but Reichert says that's no longer feasible and he wants council to vote to delay any decisions until February 2011.

He says the reason for the delay is that the city still hasn't gotten the results from a tax-equity study being done by University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute into the fairness of the current tax structure.

Reichert says with all the work still ahead of them, extending the deadline is the safest thing to do to avoid becoming non-compliant with the state.

 "We've still got to go through this approval process at the city, at the county, and at the Department of Community Affairs, so that's what we didn't want to try to compress," says Reichert. 

The Bibb County Board of Commissioners would have to vote to extend the deadline as well and then the extension would need to be approved by the state.

If the city council votes not to extend the deadline, Reichert says it would be a time crunch to finish negotiations with the county.

He says if they don't meet the existing October 31 deadline, or vote to extend it, the city risks becoming non-compliant with the state's regulations.

That would mean they wouldn't be eligible for state grants and loans.  Reichert says Macon currently has several grant applications pending, so it's critical to remain in compliance.

The topic is on the agenda for Tuesday night's full council meeting.



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