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'Spirits in October' Brings Living History to Macon | News

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'Spirits in October' Brings Living History to Macon

Visitors looking to get into the Halloween spirit took a tour of Riverside Cemetery Thursday evening to learn about some of Macon's most interesting historical figures.

About eighty people took the walking tour and learned about the stories behind some of the tombstones.

Suzanne Doonan is the Managing Director of the Historic Riverside Cemetery Conservancy and helped organize the event.

She says the tour includes a variety of historical figures.

"We have sports figures, we have murderers, missionaries, saints and sinners and everything in between," says Doonan.

People walked around to different grave sites and were greeted by actors reenacting the lives of different figures.

They included Chester Burges, who was acquitted of murdering his wife in 1960.

Visitors were also introduced to Solomon Humphries, a slave who was freed in the 1800's and went on to become a blacksmith in Macon.   

Doonan says even though it's Halloween, the event is meant to educate, not scare.

"They will learn a lot about the history of Macon through a personal lens, putting a real human face on history," says Doonan.

Adam and Noel Phillips were some of the youngest tour-goers, and say it was a cool way to get a history lesson.  

"It was nice to know some of the history about the place, I have a few relatives buried here," Adam says.

"One of the things people are most struck by is feeling more connected to their community,"says Doonan.

Tours continue Friday through Saturday and begin at 6:00 p.m.

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