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Student Council Sponsors an Additional Bullying Awareness Week | Schools

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Student Council Sponsors an Additional Bullying Awareness Week

October at Westside High was designated as Bullying Awareness Month, and the Student Council has decided to sponsor an additional Bullying Awareness Week Nov. 15-19.

The Student Council wanted to continue to work with the student body to understand bullying and to help their fellow students find better ways of dealing with situations involving bullying.

In October, advisement classes have worked on anti-bullying slogans, studied the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) bullying information, and have had guest speakers to lead discussions.

Throughout Bullying Awareness Week, there will be daily Public Service Announcements by Student Council members.

During advisement classes, Assistant Principals, Counselors, Campus Police Officers and other guests will lead discussions with students about bullying, and students will be able to sign a “No Bullying” pledge.

On Friday, Nov. 19, students, faculty, and staff will wear purple in support of anti-bullying efforts.

“Confronting and correcting schoolhouse bullying is an opportunity to set young people on a path forward that recognizes every person's worth and each person's inherent dignity," says Spanish Teacher Thomas Harrington.

“No child can learn until he or she feels safe. If a child is concerned that someone will ‘get them,’ they are less focused on what needs to be done in the classroom,” says Principal Laura Perkins. “As a faculty and staff, we must protect the safety of our children throughout the school day.”


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