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Woman Says M.P.D Violated Her Rights, Delayed Medical Treatment | News

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Woman Says M.P.D Violated Her Rights, Delayed Medical Treatment

A woman says Macon Police violated her civil rights and delayed her from getting medical treatment after pulling over her car on Sept 30.

Sheila Ross says her brother was driving her through downtown Macon when she began to feel sick. She says she had recently undergone surgery and was having chest pains.

"I called my doctor's office, I said 'my chest is hurting what can I do?' They said go to the emergency room," says Ross.

Ross says her brother ran two red lights at Mulberry and Second Streets before a police cruiser cut them off across the street from the Bibb County Courthouse.

She says about half a dozen police officers approached her car with their guns drawn, yelling at her and her brother to get their hands up.

"It was the most life-threatening situation I have ever experienced in my entire life," says Ross. "I'm thinking they're going to kill us."

Ross says she tried to tell police her bother was driving her to Coliseum Medical Center.

"They didn't even listen...I said I need an ambulance," says Ross, "I asked them 'what am I going to jail for, what have I done?'"

She says police arrested her brother on driving offenses and searched her car for drugs, but found nothing.

She says it happened around lunchtime when people were out and about on the streets.

"I felt harassed, I felt humiliated," Ross says of the experience.

Police did call an ambulance, but Ross says about forty-five-minutes passed before she got to Coliseum.

"That's a long time, I could have died."

Ross says she's filed a formal complaint against the Macon Police Department, calling the way police acted "uncalled for."

She says she feared for her life during the event.

"I'm thinking about getting killed over something I have no idea, I still have no idea."

But she says she's determined to find out why police handled the situation so aggressively.

"Really and truly, I'm not going to just sit and take this from them," says Ross.

She says she has a meeting with Macon Police Internal Affairs on Friday.

She told her story to Macon City Council on Tuesday night and met with Deputy Chief Mike Carswell and council member Virgil Watkins on Wednesday.

According to Macon Police Spokeswoman Jami Gaudet, internal affairs is looking into the incident.


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