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Buzzards take over part of Bibb County |

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Buzzards take over part of Bibb County
Buzzards take over part of Bibb County

Like clockwork, people in Lizella say a large group of buzzards lands on a cell tower every night around 5 p.m.

"It's not unusual to see about 150 of them on that cell tower," says Randy Buffington, who sees the birds from the window of his dry cleaning business.

He says the birds have become a norm in that area of town, but they showed up unexpectedly at one Lizella home and woke up Betty Lang.

"I woke up to an unusual noise and realized it was something on the roof. When I realized what it was, we were just covered in buzzards," says Lang.

She says over 50 buzzards took over her roof, fence, and a dead tree in her yard.

According to studies at Cornell University, it's common to find large groups, or wakes, of buzzards roosted on top of houses, dead trees, and cell towers when temperatures start to fall and the birds begin their trip south for the winter.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says the best way to get rid of roosting buzzers is by using a scarecrow or scare pistol. However, it is illegal to harm or kill buzzards.

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