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Juliette Opry: What did he say their name was? | Arts & Culture

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Juliette Opry: What did he say their name was?
Juliette Opry: What did he say their name was?

Well it’s that time again, The First of the month is rapidly approaching and that means Juliette Opry time. I have been really busy so unfortunately I don’t have any great story this month (like I ever have).

This month we have a group out of Athens: "Buttermilk Revival ",Winners of Athensn got Talent --Kind of an interesting group, the banjo player is actually my neighbors' cousin. I checked them out on Facebook and Youtube. They are going to be great, but I just couldn’t get that name out of my head. Who thought up "Buttermilk Revival?"

I once heard about a band that was formed at a bonfire with a lot of adult beverages called, "Burning Urine."

Although I didn't think it was a great idea , I figured out where it came from. Well I could have asked Jody but that takes all the fun out of it so here is the Lizella twist:

When I think of buttermilk, I think of biscuits and pancakes (maybe that’s why I’m fat), you know the old-timey ones your mom and grandma made, before the pre-made microwave era. The roots of cooking and the basics that are so good and can never be reproduced automatically, the kind that require work and certainly reward you at the dinner table. The word revival means Restoration to use, or to bring something back.

Maybe these guys thought of all of that because the Music of Buttermilk Revival is back to basic , hard-driving bluegrass music. A group of guys committed to play it the way it was meant to be, you know my wife cooks Mary hill frozen dumplings and they're OK , but my mom cooks them the old fashion way , DO you really think there is any comparison?

So June 2nd at The Juliette Opry" Buttermilk Revival" takes the stage. Don’t miss an opportunity to really enjoy this night. Jody might tell you that nothing in this story is in their name, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, but he will tell you this:

Come on out, Saturday June 2nd,

Picking on the porch at 6

Buttermilk Revival inside at 8

It’s free, fun, family entertainment! (Donations accepted for the band)

Follow us on facebook.

Or Buttermilk Revival.

For more info contact me at julietteopry@yahoo.com


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