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A Lil Bit About Me: Why I LOVE Fashion | Arts & Culture

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A Lil Bit About Me: Why I LOVE Fashion
A Lil Bit About Me: Why I LOVE Fashion

I grew up in an artistic home: my mother and grandmother are both artists and my mother also teaches art currently. Hell for that matter my grandmother used to teach art as well. And HER mother was a piano teacher! Suffice it to say, we are a creative bunch. I was always that kid growing up who really couldn’t afford expensive clothing, until I hit middle school and I started to care. This was when I first started reading Vogue and other such magazines, and I realized that clothing is many times like wearing art- but better. Clothing, no matter the designer or the price or even mass production, is always going to be made unique by the wearer: whether it be by the accessories added or simply the fact that every person is unique.

So, this is where the love and passion started. To keep it rather simple. And to me it’s FUN. It’s SO much fun to take items in my closet and put them together in ways that one might not ordinarily think of. And it’s fun to follow other bloggers and how they do it too. The Man Repeller is a fun one to me, she’s very usual. Just go to her  site and see...


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