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Amanda Pearl: The Interview | Arts & Culture

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Amanda Pearl: The Interview
Amanda Pearl: The Interview

So, I first ran across Amanda Pearl via Twitter… not exactly sure of the details other than that. For those of you who are not familiar with her and her designs then you are sadly missing out. Many of her items have been featured on the hit t.v. show “Gossip Girl.”

In a world where many go for the cheap, quick fashions- Amanda Pearl embodies everything that is exquisite about fashion: artistic, unique, craftsman style quality that none can hold a candle to. These rich designs are inspired of an era long ago, thankfully bringing back everything that was good and tasteful to fashion. It’s very easy to put together a design without much thought, and caving in to whatever aesthetic is most popular at the time but Amanda Pearl has stuck to her own vision and luckily, the fashions have moved with it.

Imagine my utter joy and surprise when THE Amanda Pearl responded to my Twitter request for a blog interview! I was frankly shocked that she responded, but here it is for all of you to read!

MIWM: Hello there! I’m so thrilled to be speaking with you! I’ll go ahead and get started… What made you decide to design bags and jewelry? Who are your inspirations?

AP: *** I have always loved to create things and had been collecting beads and fabric, so started to make jewel-like evening bags after I graduated from college as I was looking for a job.  I launched my collection with handbags, as there was a dearth in the market at the time.  Things really came full circle when I added jewelry a year later, which seemed a really natural extension from the handbags. 

I am inspired by people who are passionate about what they do and what they believe in.  People who march to the beat of their own drum and try to effect change to make the world a saner, more educated, more compassionate, more beautiful world...




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