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Catch Floco While You Can | Arts & Culture

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Catch Floco While You Can

We caught up with Floco Torres, a guy who is making his mark on the Macon music scene. The hip-hop artist won Gateway Macon's Music Contest last fall with his song, "Cherry Street."

He's recently returned from his northeastern and eastern music tour and says you can catch a show of his here in Macon later this summer. (August 12th at College Hill's Second Sunday)

WMAZ: We heard you finished a new video, after your project with Gateway Macon. Can you tell us more about the new music video? (What’s the song about, where did you film it?)

Floco: The music video is for the second single off my "10,000 Hours" EP, the song is called "Catch Me". We shot in Macon and Atlanta. The song is about the personal competition that I have with myself and anyone who can relate to that.

WMAZ: How was “Catch Me” inspired? How did it come about?

Floco: Catch Me is actually a song I've had for maybe two years or so. It was originally supposed to be on a different project based around the Frank Abagnale story. I've written this song about four or five different times because of where I was at in life and the people I was surrounded by kept changing. The last version was written in the studio during the "10,000 Hours" process and I felt it was the right feel and time.

WMAZ: What is your schedule looking like lately-- where are you performing these days? 

Floco: (So far) 2012 has been busy with shows and I've been pretty heavy in the southeast. I think so anyway. In June, I did my East Coast trip and hit Brooklyn, Mount Holly, NJ, hit Philly three times and just hit Big Stone Gap, VA, yesterday (6/23). I called my friends Signs of Iris in Greenville, SC, and went to open their set in the same night. 

WMAZ: Let’s say you’re backstage getting pumped up before a show. What’s the perfect music to get you revved?

Floco: It depends on the show. If everything is going as planned, it's usually an artist like SKIP or Charles Hamilton, (or) Black Keys at times. Two Door Cinema Club too. If it's a weird situation, sometimes I listen to my own music so I don't forget the words, lol.

WMAZ: What other musicians do you look up to as role models?

Floco: I'm just inspired by artists that do what they do. Whether it's mainstream or indie, as long as it feels authentic, I'll always keep a close eye and see where I can learn and obtain some new energy.

WMAZ: Where can we see you (perform) next in Central Georgia?

Floco: I think the next scheduled date is August 12th at Second Sunday Brunch. Hit my website or blog (www.flocotorres.com) for other info. I may just pop up and do one before the summer is out. 

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