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Three Minutes with Musician Louise Warren | Arts & Culture

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Three Minutes with Musician Louise Warren

Since the release of the song "Home," Louise Warren's fresh take on 13WMAZ's familiar "Straight from the Heart" theme, the people of Central Georgia have been buzzing about the commercial. In fact, it has been viewed more than 1200 times on YouTube in just a week's time. 13WMAZ web editor Jacqueline Harnevious caught up with the Macon songstress to learn more about her music, which you can hear in person later this month at Macon Music.


WMAZ: So you’re the voice behind 13WMAZ’s new commercial. What was your favorite part about this particular project?

Louise: It was a complete honor to be asked do this project. What immediately struck me as the best part about being involved was that I would give something back to my hometown. For 22 years the middle Georgia area has helped sculpt me into the person and musician I am today. I wanted to write a song that would make people proud of where they come from and where they are currently. I've tried for several years to think how I could translate those feelings musically. For some reason, with this project it all finally came together. So as a writer and a Macon native, that was especially gratifying. 

WMAZ: What are your other current music projects? What are you hoping to do next?

Louise: My sights are set on a full length album! I have had the concept for several years now and would love to finally see it come to fruition. The album will be titled, "Lavender Sound". Musically, I want to keep pushing the boundaries of my guitar playing, writing, and singing. Joey Stuckey, who produced "Home", and I have been working hard in vocal class. My personal goal is to write songs that explore other genres that I love. As a stage addict, I am also constantly looking for performance opportunities. I just want to keep making music I love and see where it takes me! 

WMAZ: What are the main themes that inspire your writing?

Louise: It is difficult to pinpoint my main themes because one of my goals is to explore ideas I haven't written about yet. There are themes in my character that always seem to come out in my music. Pursuing a passionate life, honesty, facing troubles head on and looking at the bright side are definite trends.  

WMAZ: When and where can people see you next?

Louise: My very next performance will be February 24th at Macon Music. It's the Bruce Springsteen show out of a new singer/songwriter series the store is doing. I was a part of the John Hiatt show last month and was completely blown away by the talent that we have in Macon so it is an honor to do it again this month. For future gigs, people can check out my website here: http://www.louisewarrenmusic.com

WMAZ: How did you get your start as a musician?

Louise: My mom used to sing to me as a child and after me begging so many times for her to sing "one more" she started making up her own. Looking back, I can see how that fueled my songwriting. I was always the quiet kid in school who would go sit on the swings and write songs. When I was in third grade, I finally got the courage to start singing publicly. That experience lead to involvement in theater and choir performances. When I was 14 years old, a family friend came to visit and encouraged my Dad to tune up his old guitar. When he did, I jumped at the chance to learn and started teaching myself chords. My melodies finally had chords to them! When I was about 18 years old I got a letter from Berklee Music School promoting their summer workshops. After a discussion with my mom who told me to "go for it", I signed up and challenged myself to play an open mic night before I boarded the plane. On a family camping trip of all places, I performed my songs for the first time at a venue in North Carolina called White Horse Black Mountain. It was such a magical, uplifting experience that despite any fears I had about sharing my music I knew I needed to continue. Very soon after, I opened for Joey Stuckey's Band. The floodgates opened for me and I was able to find local and regional opportunities to play. I guess you can say there were many starts. haha

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