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Macon Beer Company: The Birth of a Brewery | Arts & Culture

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Macon Beer Company: The Birth of a Brewery
Macon Beer Company: The Birth of a Brewery

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From the time we first walked into the building that will serve as the home for Macon Beer Company, we began imagining its potential.  Many hours were spent walking around formulating ideas for how to turn 345 Oglethorpe St into a brewery.  Before the purchase was complete, we had already begun planning renovations.  I wish this was a brief story about how everything went as planned and got completed on schedule.  It ain’t.

We discovered that the water supply lines that had gone to the building were removed a few years back, which prompted one of many, many adjustments and recalculations.  Nevertheless, we adapted and moved forward with the renovations, including new water supply lines and the large sum of money that was spent on them.  It means we will be forced to eat ketchup sandwiches for a little longer that we expected, but it had to be done.

The building was previously a storage facility and had been vacant for many years.  So long, in fact, that the rats and bugs exhausted the food supply and were forced to find a new home.  We are happy that we didn’t have to deal with any infestations, but it gave the place an extra level of emptiness.  We didn’t even find a spider.  I thought there were always spiders.  The only thing that remained was a mezzanine that would make any code inspector swallow his tongue, paint that could have easily been used in a hospital, and walls in illogical places.  I didn’t want to see a list of all the work that was required; I’d rather have the spiders, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve broken bones trying to escape a spider. 

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