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Allgood Returning to Cox Capitol Theatre for Live Concert | Arts & Culture

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Allgood Returning to Cox Capitol Theatre for Live Concert
Allgood Returning to Cox Capitol Theatre for Live Concert

Macon, GA - On July 31, 2010, Allgood, the headlining act from the BRAGG Jam Festival played to a sold out, capacity crowd at the magnificent Cox Capitol Theatre. After the amazing reception they received it was inevitable that they be asked to return to perform once again in Macon. The Cox Capitol Theatre is pleased to announce that they will be taking the stage on Friday, March 18, 2011.

Allgood, originally called Allgood Music Company, was based in Athens, GA from 1988 to 1995. Through eight years of constant touring with ever changing set lists and long improvisational jams, Allgood developed a passionate following of fans. During that time they released four records and played before thousands as they became a fixture at festivals and concerts across the southeast.

Allgood’s first recording effort was a hastily recorded demo done in Atlanta in 1989. The band created a demo tape of original songs entitled "Reel to Real" which was the name of the small studio where the work was done. Taking only one day to record all eight songs, the band used this for promotion to get gigs at bars and colleges.  About a year later the band put their gig money toward recording a single with John Keane. The two songs were "Seventh in Line" and "Where You Belong" and were released exclusively on a 45rpm called "Meat Salad." It received airplay across the southeastern college radio waves and gave the band some great exposure.

In 1991, the band worked with the legendary producer, Johnny Sandlin to record their first full length record, "Ride the Bee." The band polished a few of the songs from the “Real to Reel” demo and added many more songs to complete the effort most notably the epic song "Trilogy" that became Allgood's  Freebird. The record was sold in independent stores across the southern states and sold at shows.

In 1993, the band was signed to major record label A&M records and soon afterwards “Uncommon Goal” was released. Like earlier efforts, “Uncommon Goal” included songs that the band had written and arranged during touring. "Kickin' and Screamin'," a live EP was released following “Uncommon Goal.” This highlighted live versions of songs from “Ride the Bee” and “Uncommon Goal” along with two unreleased songs, “Blood” and “Sugar Sweet.” Boyd Tinsley from the Dave Matthews Band joins the band on an extended live version of "Trilogy." It was at this time that the band co-headlined the HORDE tour, increasing their exposure to the masses.


In 1995 the band decided to call it quits. They reunited briefly in 2006, with Mike Sain on bass, Corky Jones singing and playing rhythm guitar and Clay Fuller on lead guitar, all from the from the original lineup, and played two sold out shows in Columbus and Athens. In 2010 the band reformed with the original three: Jones, Fuller and Sain to be joined by Noel Felty on drums and Neal Lucas on guitar and Patrick Smith on keyboards. This is now bringing them back to Macon where they are sure to be welcomed with open arms.


Opening for Allgood is Lingo, a great up and coming band from Georgia.

Please plan to join us for this special performance on Friday, March 18 at the theatre, 382 Second St. in downtown Macon. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., show at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $15 Advance and $20 Day of Show. Tickets are on sale at www.coxcapitoltheatre.com, or by calling the Box Office at (478) 257-6391.


Cox Capitol Theatre Contact:


Kirsten West

Email:  kirstenwest@coxcapitoltheatre.com

Phone: 478.972.1598

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