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Honoring the Women of Macon-Bibb County government

March 2016 in Macon-Bibb County was Women’s History Month, and at the March 1 Commission Meeting, Mayor Robert Reichert and Commissioners invited all the women in attendance forward to be recognized for their contributions to the community. The next week, the Commission recognized International Women’s Day.

“The Macon-Bibb County government is filled with women who just want to help their county be the best it can be. And they all believe that starts from the inside out,” says Rachel Gambill, Communications Specialist in the Office of Public Affairs. “The work we put in on a day-to-day basis radiates outward into our communities, and that’s something we each have in common.”

Each day in March, the Office of Public Affairs recognized the women of our consolidated government, celebrated their stories of community service, and showcased the highlights of their career by posting their picture and a quote from them on the Macon-Bibb County Instagram (@MaconBibbCounty) feed.

All of their quotes and pictures can now be found
on the Facebook page by clicking here.

“As I went around town for the course of the month, I met dozens of strong, smart, savvy ladies who work hard and diligently- no matter what their job is! Some didn’t want me to take their photo, so I sat and talked with them anyways,” adds Gambill. “As I was learning about each job’s function, I was also learning what kind of people they are. Funny, talented, quirky, intelligent- and proud.”

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