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Youth Leaders Reunite After Envoy Project Camps to Renew Focus | Best Of

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Youth Leaders Reunite After Envoy Project Camps to Renew Focus
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Youth Leaders Reunite After Envoy Project Camps to Renew Focus

Middle and high school students who took part in the District's first Envoy Project camps last summer gathered together Monday, February 4, at Central High School to renew their energy toward building a better future for themselves and their peers.

The students first met last July for weeklong sessions. A part of “The Macon Miracle” – the District’s Strategic Plan – Envoy Project Camps take students identified as leaders among their peers and provide them with information that helps them understand how to think about learning, how to be motivated through their challenges, and how to lead themselves and others toward success.

"One of the reasons that this is so essential is that the kids come together in the summer, they’re really energized, they’re really excited, they’re loving the opportunity to be Envoys, but what can happen if they don’t have an opportunity to reconnect is that they forget that they’re a part of a larger mission. It’s not just your school we’re doing this across, it’s your entire District," said Barbara Logan, Director of School Services and Training for The Efficacy Institute – a national, not-for-profit group that helps with education reform.

"It’s really important to bring them back together. There’s synergy in the group coming together as a whole and opportunities for cross-fertilization of ideas. So that’s what we’re doing and it’s a really powerful thing to watch as they engage with each other."

During this week's reunion sessions, students received refreshers on the training steps they learned last summer, including public speaking, networking, and the five tools of success. They also discussed how they have used their training at their schools.

Central High School junior Simeon Cullens said the event was a great reminder of what he learned last summer.

"Although I practice what we learned, it’s just a big help to reassure me that I’m doing everything correctly," he said.

Rutland High School junior Tobias Harden said participating in the Envoy Project has given him a better understanding of how involved students can be in their schools.

"It gives me motivation to keep doing what I’m doing," he said.

Tobias said at Rutland High, Envoy students have created scripts and videos for the morning announcements to share the five secrets of how to be a successful student and have a quality life. The Envoy students also have volunteered at their school and have spoken with other students and teachers about the program, he said.

"I have seen students use the principles of The Efficacy Institute among each other as well as other schools because they do realize that to get the message out they must transfer the message in the hallways, in the lunchroom, and in the streets," said Rutland High Envoy Teacher Cynthia Dennis. 

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