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Howard High FBLA Receives Accolades at Region Conference | Best Of

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Howard High FBLA Receives Accolades at Region Conference
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Howard High FBLA Receives Accolades at Region Conference

Members of Howard High School's FBLA chapter are seen with the Region 5 Sweepstakes Winner trophy, which recognizes the chapter for sweeping its region.

On Friday, February 1, Howard High School's FBLA chapter attended the Region 5 Leadership Conference held at Wesleyan College. The chapter received several awards, including first place in Monopoly Tournament, second place in Membership Campaign, and third place for Largest Region Membership.

More than 40 Howard High students participated in various skills test, online tests, and performance events at the conference. Here is how they placed:

Accounting One - Jadzia Hutchings - 5th place overall
Accounting Two - Chelsea Brunson - 3rd
Accounting Two - Ariana Young - 1st
Bus Calculation - Jordan Lasker - 3rd
Bus Communications - Ashley Todd - 7th
Bus Finance Plan - Delaney/Chelsea/Corrie - 1st
Desktop Publishing - Marquis Chester/Erin Rodenroth- 2nd
Digital Design - Prit Patel/Rand Williams - 1st
Economics - Obi Ndubuixi - 2nd
Economics - Promiss Yarber - 10th
Entrepreneurship - Delany Doolittle/Alexus Humphires - 1st
Global Business - Ariel Andrews/Danice Smith - 5th
Help Desk - Jessica May - 4th
Introduction to Business Communication - Samantha Van Aken - 10th
Introduction to Business Communication - Hunter Martin - 5th
Introduction to Business Communication - Cary Lynn Thigpen - 10th
Introduction to Technology - Zach Carlson - 6th
Introduction to Technology - Bryce Fincher - 4th
Introduction to Technology - Cameron Wright -2nd
Introduction to Technology - Ian Roughen - 3rd
Management Decision Team - Danielle Lasker - 4th
Network Design - Jordan Lasker/Daniel Pham - 1st
Personal Finance - Kuttan Lal - 4th
Personal Finance - Daniel Pham - 7th
Spreadsheet App - Zach Carlson - 2nd
Web Design - Kuttan Lal/Andrew Mayfield - 5th
Word Processing 1 - Trey Powell - 2nd
Business Ethics - Bryce Fincher/Carie Lunn Thigpen/Ian Roughen - 1st
Impromptu Speaking - Danielle Lasker - 2nd
Job Interview - Sandra Amadi - 3rd
Public Speaking 1 - Marquis Chester - 5th
Public Speaking 2 - Promiss Yarber - 1st
FBLA- Asyia  Bell - 2nd
FBLA - Sandra Amadi - 4th

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