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Davis Farms Features Lots of Lettuce at the Market | Business

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Davis Farms Features Lots of Lettuce at the Market
Davis Farms Features Lots of Lettuce at the Market

From Davis Farms in Roberta, Ga.:

In the vernacular of technology, LOL means laughing out loud. In the language of farmers, it means LOTS OF LETTUCE! Which is what will be featured at the Mulberry Market sampling table tomorrow: Red lettuce, green lettuce, curly lettuce, frilly lettuce, tangy lettuce, mild lettuce, LOL.

The early hot weather encouraged our lettuce to grow more quickly then in past years, and in our high tunnel we have already had to yank some of it out and feed it to the chickens as it had bolted. In farming language, bolting means it has gone to seed. With lettuce, after its bolts it has a bitter flavor. Personally, I don't mind it since the salad dressing takes care of that. The early hot weather does mean that our spring lettuce season will be shorter then expected, so enjoy it while its here. The summer months in Georgia are way too hot for lettuce to grow.

We will be bringing vegetable transplants for sale to the market tomorrow, all started with organic or heirloom seeds in our greenhouse. Among the varieties we'll be selling are; lemon cucumber, gherkin cucumber, magda squash, melon, oregano, eggplant and more. The soil is warm enough for transplanting and now is the time to get these things in the ground.

The Mulberry Street Market includes vendors selling local beef, pork, cheese, milk, seasonal vegetables and home baked breads and cookies. It happens every Wednesday from 4-7 p.m. on Mulberry Street in Macon opposite the Grand Opera House.

See you there.

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