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My Couponing Favorites...
My Couponing Favorites...

I have had so many people asking me about my couponing links so I decided to turn this email into a blog. Hope it helps someone out there...

Here are my favorite websites to get great deals and the weekly saving post that I use to mark out my shopping trips.

1. MoneySavingMom.com has an AWESOME explanation of how to shop at CVS. It is listed under STORE DEALS... hover your mouse over CVS and the CVS 101 link appears to the right. This was a big help to me starting out. It is an overall wonderful site. She post lots of good links for FREE stuff, as well as financial advice, crafting with the kiddos and even Freezer cooking. Great Mommy Website!

2. Time2SaveWorkshops.com is the site I use most often when planning my shopping trips. I love the format they use more so than SouthernSavers.com but I do go to both websites before actually going shopping. Both will post links to printable coupons and is just a great source of information. Keep an eye out for the workshops from Time2Save... they do classes all over the place and I highly recommend you attend one if possible.

3. Another thing I can suggest is going on YouTube and looking up Hip2Save. Collin has great videos on everything from clipping coupons to actually going shopping. She is so much fun to watch and seeing her in action in the store hopefully will help you understand couponing a little better. She has such a great personality... love her!

4. For those of you who love the FREEBIES, I do recommend you getting an extra email address just for junk mail. They do tend to overload you with it but DO NOT just delete the email; they send COUPONS so be on the lookout. Subscribe to All You Emails. It’s FREE and they have a links for printable coupons as well as FREE Samples EVERY Day! Also, the websites listed in this post all have Facebook accounts and will list Freebies as they come across them.  

5. Speaking of emails...Make sure you sign up to receive emails from your favorite shopping places such as CVS, Krogers and Publix. Stores like to send emails with coupons to get you in their stores so take advantage of that!

6. If you have a Publix, call to find out who your Publix considers a competitor and keep your eye out for coupons from that store. My Publix will take CVS, Eckerds, Krogers, Target and even Dollar General store coupons. Publix will allow you to use one competitor’s coupon PLUS one manufacture coupon on the same item... double savings!

7. Instead of driving to the store to pick up a paper every Sunday, consider a newspaper subscription. They have great deals where you can receive multiple papers and have them delivered right to your front step.  It’s cheaper than buying them in the store plus you’re saving on gas… What could be better than that!

If you have any questions or if you would like for me to go over something that I did not go over here, just let me know. I by no means claim to be a Super Saver, but I certainly am trying and I would love to help you in anyway that I can.

If you happen to be one of those Super Savers, and have a tip you would like to leave for those of us that are just learning, feel free! We need all the help we can get!


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