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Chihuahua on Wheels is Lost, Looking for Owner | Community Spirit

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Chihuahua on Wheels is Lost, Looking for Owner
Chihuahua on Wheels is Lost, Looking for Owner

Picking up stray dogs is business as usual for any animal control officer, but on Wednesday, business was anything but "usual," because the stray that needed to be scooped off the street was on wheels.

A wheelchair-bound chihuahua was rolling around loose in the area of Daffodil Street, off Mercer University Drive. The tiny road warrior was captured and the search for his owner is on.

Dog wheelchairs are called carts, and are designed to provide mobility for a pet who, through disease, injury or birth defect, cannot run or walk normally on its own. This feisty little dog seems healthy enough, though he cannot move his back legs. He will be seen by a vet today to assess his condition. It's impossible to know how long Princeton has been freewheeling around town on his own.

Dubbed "Princeton," the chihuahua is staying in a safe, comfortable environment while staff and a legion of Facebook animal lovers spread the word about him to try to locate his family. Calls to area veterinarians apparently didn't ring any bells, and there is concern that something may have happened to Princeton's owner. Speculation abounds - is the owner too ill to look for Princeton, maybe even in the hospital? Was the owner in a traffic accident from which Princeton fled in panic? Is the owner out of town, unaware that Princeton escaped from a petsitter into unfamiliar territory?

In general, the feeling is that an owner who cares enough to provide a disabled dog with a cart is probably frantic with worry, but may not know who to call or where to look.

If you are Princeton's owner or know who is, you are asked to call Macon-Bibb County Animal Welfare at 478-751-9200. Leave a message if no one is able to answer the phone when  you call, or it is after hours. Princeton is in good hands, but they are not familiar hands. He wants to go home.

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