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Now is the best time to adopt a cat or kitten. | Community Spirit

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Now is the best time to adopt a cat or kitten.
Now is the best time to adopt a cat or kitten.

The largest no-kill cat rescue in Middle Georgia has suffered more than its share of bad luck recently, and they're hoping for some help from the community to give at least 50 cats and kittens a loving, permanent home.

Only a few of the animals pulled into rescue by MPNP already have their shots or are spayed or neutered, and forget flea prevention – owners callous enough to dump their pets to die at the pound aren't likely to care about fleas, heartworms or rabies. Like every other rescue, MPNP pays for complete vetting of the animals themselves, using money donated to the rescue, funds collected for adoption fees and, sometimes, money from their own pockets.

Now, Macon Purrs N Paws is under a stop order from the Department of Agriculture. This means that they cannot take in any more animals from local facilities, from owners needing to find new homes for their pets, or even care for the kittens that so often get dumped on the shelter's doorstep. They'll have to go to the pound, now, where death is almost certain.

The shelter is going 50-50 right now – trying to adopt 50 cats and kittens for the reduced price of $50. Anne Brennaman, who started MPNP and is undeniably its heart, soul and backbone, said several cats have sponsored adoption fees. All you have to do to get a sponsored lapcat is pick one out, fill out the application and be approved.

If you've been thinking about getting a cat, you are certain to find exactly the feline you're looking for at MPNP's Rocky Creek shelter at 1546 Rocky Creek Road (the small shopping center behind McDonald's at Rocky Creek and Pio Nono). The shelter is open Monday through Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. for adoptions, Brennaman said. In some cases, you can call and make arrangements to visit the shelter at a different time, but those requests are considered case by case.

June 25 is "Tabby Tuesday," Brennaman said, and Friday, June 21 is "Black Friday." On both special days, you can adopt two cats or kittens for only $60. And if you're over 55 years of age, you can participate in the Senior for Senior program and get two (or more) senior cats for $20 each.

"We need volunteers who can come in the morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or any part of that time, to help clean and feed the cats," Brennaman said. "The more volunteers we have, the faster we can finish the work and the more time we have for the cats and kittens." Volunteering not only means you get to spend plenty of time waiting on the little purr machines hand and foot, but also gives you the chance to fall in love with one, and vice versa. The shelter always needs donations of kitty litter and cat chow.

Call Macon Purrs N Paws at (478) 714-8114 to arrange to meet some of the adoptable felines at the shelter, to donate or volunteer.

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