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Speaking of Small Things: Stuffed Animals | Community Spirit

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Speaking of Small Things: Stuffed Animals
Speaking of Small Things: Stuffed Animals

If you have children (or grandchildren), let’s face it, you probably have too many stuffed animals around the house. I have a theory that they are like rabbits and multiply fruitfully while you are not watching.

Not only is it hard to part with those cute little guys, often it is hard to find them a good home.

This morning I just heard about a new opportunity here in Georgia. The Division of Child Support Services is hosting its annual “Bearable Hugs for Georgia’s Children campaign.” They are collecting teddy bears and other stuffed animals to give to children who have been through a stressful situation.

If you can help, please contact your local DCSS office. In Macon you can call 478-752-1536.  If you live in another state, you can contact your local social service agency, police department or battered woman’s shelter, as they are often looking for these cuddly donations.

Because February is the shortest month of the year, we are talking about small things, small projects and small spaces in your home.


Andi Willis is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Good Life Organizing. She is passionate about helping people find creative solutions to organizing their homes and simplifying their lives. From bedrooms to playrooms, home offices to kitchens, no project is too large or too small to tackle. Working with clients from busy moms to busy executives, Andi can help you get past the clutter and get on with your life!


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