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Macon Animal Control Nearly Full Again | Community Spirit

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Macon Animal Control Nearly Full Again
Macon Animal Control Nearly Full Again

For the past nine weeks, Macon Animal Control has not killed a single adoptable animal, thanks mainly to the continued efforts of local rescue groups.

Adoptions since the shelter reopened earlier in June have been disappointingly low, especially considering how well the community stepped up to help clear out the shelter before the fumigation.

The shelter is now "home" for more than 80 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, and they are all in danger. Animals at municipal shelters are always in danger of being killed when the shelter runs out of room, and MAC is nearly there.

Although many municipal shelters kill every animal just before a holiday, there is no indication so far that anything this draconian is planned at MAC. However, since the shelter will almost certainly be at or above legal capacity before the July 4 holiday, the weeks of no killing are about to come to a tragic end.

If you are looking for a pet, look first at Macon Animal Control. There is nothing "wrong" with the animals there; they've simply fallen on hard times. Some were dumped by irresponsible and uncaring owners. Some are there because their owners died and there is no family that can or will take them in. Some were left behind when their owners moved, and have been wandering the streets, looking for them.

It's not unusual to see dogs and cats cowering in the kennels, or barking or mewing hysterically - the shelter is a scary place. If you see a pet you like, ask to visit with the animal outside or in a quieter area. That is the best way to get a glimpse of the animal's true nature. Most change completely once they are away from the scary kennel and will walk nicely on a leash and shower you with love. Some may have some training to sit on command, or take treats gently from your hand. It's generally impossible to get an accurate impression of a shelter pet while it is inside its kennel.

Give them a chance and you will be forever rewarded.

Take a look at the pets in the photo gallery, then head down to the shelter at 1010 Eleventh Street, off Lower Poplar, and meet the ones who've caught your eye. The shelter will be closed for the Fourth of July, but is otherwise open until 5:30 p.m. weekdays. You can call (478) 751-9200 for information, but it's best to go see the pets for yourself. They'll enjoy your company.

And hurry. Time is running out.

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