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Animal Shelter Mixup: Where is Nitro? | Community Spirit

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Animal Shelter Mixup: Where is Nitro?
Animal Shelter Mixup: Where is Nitro?

Wednesdays are a madhouse at Bibb County's animal shelter, with rescuers desperately trying to get dogs and cats to safety while, in a back room, preparations are made to kill dogs and cats.

Yesterday, rescuers picked up three male dogs they had "holds" on: Hydro, Nitro and Tugger.

Or so they thought. 

Late last night, donors who had helped pay for the cost of rescuing and vetting the dogs were notified that something had gone terribly, terribly wrong. Hydro had no ID collar at all, and the number on Tugger wasn't the one rescuers expected. Fortunately, they were able to positively identify Tugger and Hydro.

Nitro, however, is another story. The dog they were given as Nitro isn't him. In fact, it isn't even a "him," according to rescuer Debi Morford Kirkland. The dog they were given as Nitro is a female. As if that isn't confusing enough, that dog is wearing the ID number of a dog who was killed at the shelter on July 5.

Nitro was supposed to be adopted, neutered and vetted, and go to Maine Lab Rescue to find a permanent home.

Rescuers have tentatively identified the female as Morgan, who was on the list as killed Wednesday, along with 12 other dogs and five cats. So now the question becomes, is Nitro alive or did he get killed by mistake? Rescuers hope to get answers today.

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