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DECA Members Deliver Christmas Cards by Students | Community Spirit

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DECA Members Deliver Christmas Cards by Students
DECA Members Deliver Christmas Cards by Students

Students involved in Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are known for volunteer efforts in the Macon area. One activity in particular is shining a light of positivity on Westside High School's DECA chapter.

For the third consecutive year, the District’s Department of Communications issued a request for Christmas cards to send to local nursing homes, assisted living centers, and children’s hospitals. With a hefty number of Christmas cards to distribute - 2,012 cards to be exact - DECA was tasked with delivering the cards to 13 local facilities. All of the cards delivered were created by fellow Bibb County School District students.

Nursing homes are not always the brightest venues during the holidays, but a light was present as high school students visited each location.

"We are learning to give back to those who have been the pillars of our communities even when we were younger," said Kiara Fuller, president of Westside High’s DECA.

DECA was able to spread joyful cheer and sing Christmas carols to the residents. The smiling faces of students began to lighten the mood and joy spread like wildfire. A tenant of St. Paul Towers stated, "We really need things like this here to brighten up our day."

Another resident of Porterfield Health and Rehab Center said, "It makes me feel good to see them; like somebody young cares."

It truly shows that such a simple task can affect someone; all while building character in a younger generation. DECA students enjoyed the experience and even took time to talk with some of the elderly during their visits.

"One woman began to cry when we handed her a card,” said Toddrick Grayer.

Service-minded students developed strength of character through this experience that they will never forget.

- Alexzion Grant, Westside High School

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