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Where did Bo go?
Where did Bo go?

After a tornado decimated her Monroe County neighborhood last year, Wendy Veal and her husband, along with several neighbors, began the long process of rebuilding. Not all of the neighbors returned. Among them was a family that owned a black dog.

No one is quite sure, but it's possible the dog fled during the storm.

Fast forward to about one week ago, when Veal spotted a large, black animal on the surveillance video of her home.

"I thought it was a panther," she said. "I told my husband, be careful when you're cranking up the car because there's a big, black animal out there."

Early the next morning, long before sunrise, Veal went outside. "This dog lifted up his head from behind the woodpile," she said. "He looked about 60 pounds, and he's a full-grown black lab."

When she returned from work later that day, the starved dog was still there, so she gave him food and water. "I gave him three big bowls of water and lots of dog food," she said.

She made the dog comfortable in her garage. He may be an older dog -- there is some gray on his muzzle, but his overall appearance is not quite as elderly. He seemed tired. "It was like he'd been on walkabout," Veal said.

She suspected he was the dog that lived in the neighborhood, the dog that may have fled during the tornado more than a year earlier.

She made plans to take the dog to her veterinarian in a few days, after he'd had time to satisfy his great hunger and thirst and regain some strength. She said she was going to have him scanned for a microchip, in hopes of reuniting the dog, whom she named Bo, with his owners. She also wanted to get him the necessary vaccinations.

Bo stayed in the garage, lounging around on his blanket, and going out to greet Veal every day when she came home.  Veal says he never left the yard and only left the garage to answer the call of nature, then went right back to his spot.

"He was the sweetest dog. In the morning, when I went out there to give him snacks, he would stretch and yawn like an old dog," Veal said. "He had such bags under his eyes. I think he could have lost his way."

With plenty of food and rest, Bo began to regain some of his normal weight. "He was like a totally different dog," she said.

Then one day, Veal came home and Bo was gone. "I looked all over and even went to his old house," she said. The search was in vain. Bo was nowhere to be found.

Veal decided to check the tapes from her home's surveillance cameras. On the tape, she said she saw a red and gray Ford pickup truck come down the road. The driver suddenly slammed on the brakes and got out of the truck, she said.

"The man called to him and he started wagging his tail and ran through the ditches to this truck," Veal said, and therein lies the mystery she says she would like to solve. Was the man in the pickup truck Bo's owner, or perhaps a friend of Bo's family?

Veal hopes to find out who picked up the dog. She said she wants to know that Bo is okay and, hopefully, back home where he is loved.

If you know Bo -- or whatever his name really is -- Veal would like to hear from you. E-mail her at w.veal@yahoo.com.

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