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Macon-Bibb Crime Files
Macon-Bibb Crime Files

Tuesday files:

Date: April 14

Incident type: Contact person

Location: 3825 Cathy Drive, Macon

A deputy was dispatched to the location in reference to two bulls in a woman's yard. She told the deputy that she tried to throw something at the bulls but the animals didn't move. Her dog ran at one of the bulls, but was kicked in the side. The dog seemed to be OK. The woman told the deputy that she was having an issue with her neighbors livestock coming into her yard.

Date: April 14

Incident type: Arson

Location: 1174 Ernest St., Macon

A deputy responded to the location to take a statement from a man who witnessed a house fire. The witness told the deputy that he was doing some work on a house when he noticed another man standing on the front porch of the house next door "doing something." The witness told the deputy that 20 minutes after the man walked away, he notice fire at the house.

Date: April 14

Incident type: Commercial burglary

Location: 3601 Mercer University Drive

A deputy was dispatched to the location


Monday Files

Date: April 13

Incident type: Aggravated assault

Location: Churchill at Helon Street, Macon

A deputy responded to the location in reference to shots fired. The incident occurred 3:19 a.m. The complainant told the deputy he was in the 2700 block of Montpelier Avenue when he noticed three men peeking around the corner at him. The complainant said one of the men was holding his pants in a manner suggesting he had a gun. The three men got into a vehicle and drove down Churchhill Street and the complainant followed them. When they got to the Helon Street intersection, two of the men began firing shot at the complainant's vehicle. He was not hit and his windshield was struck. Investigators found a bullet lodged in the backseat.

Date:April 13

Incident type:Structure fire

Location:1274 Hardeman Ave., Macon

A deputy driving on Forsyth Road noticed dark smoke in the air and he discovered a structure fire. He observed a large pile of wood burning which had spread to a storage shed. He called the fire department and located the owner. The owner told the deputy he was unaware of the fire and that he gave the keys to the shed to a co-worker. The deputy noticed a generator in the burned debris with an extension cord running to the second level of the residence. The case was turned over to the arson squad.

Date: April 14, 2014

Incident type: Suspicious fire

Location: 1170 North Beddingfield Drive, Macon

A deputy arriving at the location to assist the fire department met with a woman who said she was sleeping in her bed when she heard her car alarm. Her husband went to check and saw the vehicle was on fire. He called 911. The woman told investigators she believes someone set her car on fire, but she doesn't know who.

The following items are from incidents reports filed by Macon-Bibb County Sheriff's deputies.


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