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Some Macon Violent Crimes Hit 18-Year-Low | Crime

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Some Macon Violent Crimes Hit 18-Year-Low

Last year, robberies, aggravated assaults and auto thefts in Macon dropped. Those crimes are at their lowest levels in nearly 20 years.

Macon Police broke down the Part 1 -- or the more serious -- crimes.

They show homicides dropped by 60 percent from 1994 to 2011. Seventeen years ago 33 were reported, while in 2011 there were 13.

VIEW: Macon Crime Statistics 1994-2012

The lowest homicide rate came in 2006, with 12 in the city limits.

Last year brought the fewest number of robberies also, less than half of what was reported in 1994.

Auto thefts were down 66 percent compared to the highest levels in 1999.

"I think perception has been that crime is everywhere, it really isn't," said Macon Police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet.

She says the numbers dropped, thanks in part to a collaborative effort with law enforcement and the district attorney's office.

"It's not just a question of arresting people. Arresting is just one component. It's winning those convictions, so we we work together cooperatively all the time to make sure we're bring the best cases to bear when it comes to the courts," said Gaudet.

Mercer professor and former prosecutor Charles Weston said violent crimes are on the decrease across the country according to FBI statistics.

He says there's no way to pinpoint what has caused the drop, but he thinks several factors play into it.

"The fact that people are being much more careful and the police apparently are doing a much better job and I think also there's a little more of an attitude in certain parts of the community that we need to quit protecting the criminals," he said.

Other interesting numbers comparing crime stats from 1994 to 2011: Rapes dropped 74 percent and commercial burglaries fell 53 percent.

Home burglaries were the only crimes to increase from 1994 to 2011. Nearly 300 more were reported last year.


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