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Macon Family Mourn Yvonne Jackson | Crime

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Macon Family Mourn Yvonne Jackson

An autopsy showed the woman found dead in a Macon home on Friday died of a single gunshot wound to the head, according to Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones.

The police report says 40-year old Yvonne Jackson lived in the Patterson Street house, which police say was set on fire.

A single black wreath hangs on the door where Jackson's three children live with their father.

"She always made me laugh," says 11-year-old Ciara. "She was funny. She was cool. She could sing."

Right now, they cling to memories of the happy times says 16-year-old Joshua.

He remembers their favorite game. "I would squeeze her and hug her tight, and me and her would play wrestle."

Josh and his two sisters have lived with their father, Adrian, since the couple separated several years ago.

"She was a wonderful person," says Adrian. "She's going to be greatly missed, and I pray to God we get justice soon."

Adrian says Yvonne's house was burglarized several weeks ago, and the only thing taken was her gun.

He says that's why he thinks someone who knew his ex-wife killed her.

"I wanted her to be safe because that was not a burglary I'd ever seen," he says.

As they come together to overcome their loss, the family works to remain in high spirits.

"I'm feeling alright because I know where she's at. She's in Heaven," says Joshua. "I know where she at, so it's alright."

"I'm okay because, like, I know she's still here in our hearts," says Ciara.

According to the police report, Jackson's car was taken to the crime lab as evidence.

The funeral is set for Friday at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church where Yvonne was a member and sang in the choir.


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