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Lawyer Questions Police on Gas-Station Shooting | Crime

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Lawyer Questions Police on Gas-Station Shooting

Frank Reeves remains in jail, without bond, after a hearing Wednesday on a Dec. 4 fatal shooting at a Macon gas station.

At the hearing before a clerk-magistrate, his lawyer got to question police detectives about evidence in the death of 65-year-old Linda Hunnicutt that led to a murder charge against Reeves.

Veronica Brinson quizzed police about witness statements and Reeves' alleged confession.

"The only real alleged evidence is that alleged admission and this is a 73-year-old man that was interrogated by sophisticated and savvy trained detectives and to try and use that admissions to convict this elderly man we just think is a gross miscarriage of justice," said Brinson.

She asked about a store surveillance video from Murphy's Express that reportedly shows Reeve raising his hand and Hunnicutt falling.

And she also asked about how police came to charge Reeves with murder. 

"We wanted to know why such occurred because we don't think any evidence changed in between the police investigation and the later upgrade to murder that is very shocking and surprising and we just wanted to know why suddenly within hours from voluntary manslaughter to murder," said Brinson. 

A detective told her that they originally planned to charge him with voluntary manslaughter, but after talking to the district attorney's office, they changed it to murder.

Police say Reeves shot Hunnicutt after his motorized wheelchair made contact with Hunnicutt's Buick. Both the victim and suspect were disabled, and the lunchtime shooting at a busy Gray Highway gas station drew national attention. 

Reeves, who is 73-years-old, remains in the Bibb County jail without bond. The case will head to Superior Court. 




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