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Dallemand Makes Cuts, Additions to 'Macon Miracle' Plan | Education

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Dallemand Makes Cuts, Additions to 'Macon Miracle' Plan

Romain Dallemand first presented his strategic plan to board on Feb. 3 and then to the public on Feb. 10.

To read the complete strategic plan approved Wednesday, click here.

He called it "The Macon Miracle."

The original plan contained more than 170 action steps.

They cover almost every area of education, from testing to technology to food service.

Some got a lot of attention.

Others are less controversial, like tightening up the district's spending practices and moving toward a paperless operation.

After a month of protest marches, petitions and stormy meetings, Dallemand backed off on some of his original points, like plans to make the school week longer, reconfigure the grade structure in Bibb schools, close up to a dozen schools and cut a quarter of the teaching jobs.

Dallemand still wants every Bibb County student to learn Mandarin Chinese, but says it's not mandatory.

Here are some of the other key action steps still in the plan:

Plan a year-round calendar to boost instruction time;

Create a process for referring students to mental-health services;

Train all teachers in gifted strategies to be used "in all classes at all levels;"

Set up a system of portfolio schools... Where students could choose a school that focuses on their area of interest;

And change up principals and department heads every five years;

Provide dormitory-style housing for students with unstable home situations;

Change high schools from a four-block schedule to a seven-period day;

Provide internet access for all and free home computers for needy students;

And on Wednesday night, Dallemand described more than a dozen new changes.

Some involved school safety, like creating new procedures for handling dangerous students, putting mental health therapists at alternative learning sites and a new system for reporting bullying.

To read the complete strategic plan approved Wednesday, click here.

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