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Two Knives Found at Springdale Elementary | Education

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Two Knives Found at Springdale Elementary

School officials found two pocket knives taken to school by students at north Macon's Springsdale Elementary this week.

That's according to a letter being sent home to parents Thursday by principal Amy Duke.

The letter does not give any further details on the cases, such as how the knives were found or what happened to the students.

It said the two knife incidents were separate

But it warns parents to check their children's book bags and clothing each day to make sure they're not bringing dangerous items to school.

The text of the letter:

October 11, 2012

The purpose of this letter is to notify you that we have investigated two separate allegations this week involving students bringing pocket knives to school. Springdale Elementary School and the Bibb County School District consider the safety of our students to be of utmost priority. When unfortunate situations occur, we follow investigative procedure and notify parents whose students were affected by the events. Our disciplinary intervention is immediate and enforces appropriate behaviors outlined in the Student Guidelines for Success. 

I want to assure parents and the community that the Bibb County School District has comprehensive safety procedures in place designed to protect students and faculty. I have no hesitation in assuring you that Springdale Elementary School continues to be a safe learning environment. 

As Principal, I am committed to providing an academically-challenging, safe learning environment free from unnecessary disruptions. Please make sure that you check your child's book bag and clothing each day to ensure that he/she does not bring inappropriate or dangerous items to school. We appreciate the support of parents working together with teachers, staff, and administrators to ensure that all students are taught at high levels and that instructional time is protected each day. Thank you for your continued support of our school.


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