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Food Truck Giving Out Free Burger Samples in Macon | Families

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Food Truck Giving Out Free Burger Samples in Macon

A burger chain is giving out free burger samples at Macon-area Walmart stores Wednesday, with the emphasis on the "samples."

They're actually giving away about a quarter of a full-sized burger per person.

"Most people when we first got here was looking for a whole burger but we got a quarter of a burger which was okay but it taste real good," said James Bell of Macon. 

13WMAZ's Austin Lewis reports people were lined up 45 minutes before the giveaway began at the Walmart on Zebulon Road.

According to a news release, the West Coast chain, Fatburger, is making its way to about 1,000 Walmart stores, including the three in Macon. 

The tour is promoting the introduction of Fatburger frozen beef patties in Walmart stores.

The average wait for people at the giveaway at the Zebulon Road store was between 15 to 20 minutes and for those we talked to it was worth the wait. 

"It's good for a frozen burger, yea, it's got seasoning it's really good," said Bridgitte Wormely of Macon. 

"It's more than what I expected because like I said I didn't expect it to be this good but it is," said Harold Odom. 

Kleber Freitas, the tour manager of Fatburger Across America, says they weren't expecting the crowd outside the Zebulon Walmart. 

"I was really surprised we were on TV in Texas, too," said Freitas. "We didn't have that much of a line at all and we were cooking the burgers and there was a huge line already." 


The giveaway has ended at the Zebulon Road store.


Here's where the truck will be the rest of the day:

Walmart at Harrison Road
3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Walmart at Gray Highway
7-9 p.m.


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