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Your Pictures Are Your Stories: Tell Them | Families

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Your Pictures Are Your Stories: Tell Them
Your Pictures Are Your Stories: Tell Them

What are pictures? Sure, they are images printed on paper or bits and bytes on your computer, but when all is said and done they are the stories of your life. They capture all the moments of your life - the first moments of your daughter’s life, your grandmother’s college friends, the pride on your husband’s face as he accepts a well-deserved award, what you had for lunch.


One of the reasons I decided to become a Photo Organizer and to pursue the Certified Personal Photo Organizer certification is because I love to preserve and share people’s stories. I especially love looking at older photos and trying to figure out what the story behind the picture really is.


Case in point. This is a picture that I found in my grandmother’s photos after her death. Here she is with friends in her sorority house. She is the one in the middle. I have talked to my mom and my aunt and neither had ever seen this picture before. Why, oh, why is there a sign on the wall that says “Hell’s Angels”? There is a story there, but what is it? Since my grandmother passed over 9 years ago, now we will never know.


Another case in point. This is a photo that I scanned for a client (who gave permission to share it). It was in some old photos of her father’s who had a distinguished military career. She asked me to scan the picture because it was important to her father but she really didn’t realize what it was. What it was exactly was a photo distributed by the military showing the May 30, 1958  parade of cadets from all of the US military academies escorting the remains of the Unknown Servicemen from World War II and the Korean War to Arlington National Cemetery. Her father had been there that day and was given the commemorative photo. What a story! And she didn’t even realize what she had.


Nowadays, we share our stories all the time on Facebook and Instagram but are we preserving them for future generations? I encourage you to backup your photos, print them (photo books are just fine) and write down those special stories so future generations may actually understand why the sign on the wall says “Hell’s Angels.”


If you would like help to uncovering the stories in your pictures, find a photo organizer near you through the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.


Have you ever found a picture that had a missing story?


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Andi Willis is a Home and Photo Organizing Expert and the owner of Good Life Organizing based in Perry, GA.  She is a Professional Organizer who loves to help people find creative solutions to organize their homes and simplify their lives. Andi can help you get past the clutter and get on with your life! 


Find Andi at Good Life Organizing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also contact her by email or (478) 550-1969. Check out her guest blog and videos on The Decluttered Home. You can find her ebooks exclusively on Amazon.

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