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The Dumping Grounds: Get Rid of the Clutter Piles | Families

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The Dumping Grounds: Get Rid of the Clutter Piles
The Dumping Grounds: Get Rid of the Clutter Piles

Let’s admit it. We all have a dumping ground in our homes. It might be a corner of the kitchen counter. It might be a chair in the bed room or even the elliptical machine in the office. It could even be an entire room. The dumping ground is the place where random stuff gets piled and stacked until it is in danger of toppling over.

I’m not backed up by scientific research here but my guess is that 95% of us have at least one dumping ground in our home. For me it tends to be a corner of my kitchen counter where mail collects and my dining room which is rarely used for eating but frequently holds school and work projects, donations waiting to go to Goodwill and often my husband’s bike and bike tools.

What can we do to reduce the size of the dumping ground or maybe even eliminate it all together?

Deal With It

The first thing you have to do is to actually deal with what is there now. Perhaps you have a chair in your bedroom that catches all the clean laundry. Pick a time to tackle it. Fold and put away those clothes. If they have been there for a while, consider getting rid of them all together. Having a donation bag nearby will be helpful.

Give It A Home

Part of the reason you have a dumping grounds may be because those items do not have a designated home that is easily accessible. Perhaps your closet is bursting at the seams so you have no place to put those clothes on the chair. You’ll have to expand your project a bit. Go through the closet, clearing out old, ill fitting clothes to make room for the things you actually wear. (For tips to tackle your closet, watch my video.)

Fix The Problem

Perhaps the reason items build up in your guest room is because the stairs to the attic are broken. Take the time to fix them or call a handy man. If you avoid putting way your socks because the dresser drawers get stuck, find some way to make them work better or get a new dresser.

Eliminate the Grounds

One way to keep that chair from being a dumping grounds is to get rid of the chair all together. Let’s be honest. Because it has been heaped with clothes, you haven’t actually sat in it for years. Removing the treadmill masquerading as a clothing rack will give you one less place to toss those jeans. When we don't have a readily available dumping ground, we are more likely to put the item in its home.

Be At Peace With Some Chaos

Unless you are part of the 5% who always have a perfectly decluttered home where everything is always put away (by the way I am NOT in that 5%), you may just want to be at peace with a little chaos. A sweatshirt on the chair is not the end of the world. A few pieces of mail on the counter can be ok. Just don’t let it build up. Take 10-15 minutes a day to pick up and put away and you’ll notice a huge difference in your dumping grounds. They may even disappear all together!  A 10 minute tidy every day will help reduce of your clutter dumping ground.

Where is your dumping ground?


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