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EpiPens Capable of Saving Student Lives to be Distributed to Schools | Health

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EpiPens Capable of Saving Student Lives to be Distributed to Schools
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EpiPens Capable of Saving Student Lives to be Distributed to Schools

Through the EpiPen4Schools program, the Bibb County School District has received 86 free EpiPen Auto-Injectors to distribute to schools.

This access is important because epinephrine is the only first-line treatment for life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). According to food allergy guidelines developed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, if experiencing anaphylaxis, a person should use an epinephrine auto-injector and seek immediate emergency medical attention.

Each school in the District will receive one junior EpiPen (for people 33-66 pounds) and one regular EpiPen (for people weighing more than 66 pounds).

"Anyone showing signs or symptoms of a life-threatening reaction will have these on site to be able to be used," said Mrs. Stacy Carr, Schoolhouse Health Program Coordinator and School Nurse.

Georgia is one of seven states that allows schools to keep epinephrine pens in stock. The state recently amended its law to allow school personnel to administer epinephrine to students who do not have a prescription for the drug.

"They say that 25 percent of first-time reactions occur on school property so you may not be aware that you're allergic to something," Mrs. Carr said.

At present, teachers that take care of individual students with EpiPens are trained to use the epinephrine auto-injectors, as is at least one office staff member at those schools. With the EpiPens now in stock at each school, more staff will receive training for emergency situations.

"We're training some of the staff on how to recognize the signs and symptoms and how to use the EpiPens," Mrs. Carr said. "The entire staff will watch a training video, and then we'll have staff on each hallway, the office staff, the administrators, and the coaches who will all come in and do a training session."

Health, News, Schools

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