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School Clinics Receive Donations of Nebulizer Machines, Tubing to Treat Students with Asthma

School Clinics Receive Donations of Nebulizer Machines, Tubing to Treat Students with Asthma

Thanks to a generous donation from Barnes Healthcare and the Asthma Coalition of Georgia, the District received a donation of nebulizer machines and tubing for school asthma management. The presentation by the Asthma Coalition of Georgia took place during a School Nurse Education/Training Day on Monday, October 14, at The Medical Center of Central Georgia's Peyton Anderson Health Center.

Jon Ramsey of the Asthma Coalition of Georgia arranged for the nebulizers and tubing to be donated to Bibb County schools after learning the District had a need for the machines earlier this year. The donation of nebulizer machines enables parents of students with asthma to send in medication but leave their nebulizer machine and tubing at home.

Help Navigating through the Health Insurance Marketplace

Since the healthcare marketplace opened last week with the advent of the Affordable Healthcare Act, there have been many problems with navigating through the website, most of them caused by high volume.  For other people, all the options are overwhelming once they actually get to create that account.

More than 200 of you were able to talk to UGA's Healthcare Navigators during 13WMAZ's phone bank Thursday.

Macon Man Struggles On Healthcare Sign-Up

Create. Log-on. Fill in. Enroll.

The steps to buy a plan through the health insurance marketplace that opened Tuesday were designed to be simple. 

But, "Every avenue that I've tried takes me back to the beginning, which is a dead end," said Alvin Bell.

How The Healthcare Overhaul Affects Small Businesses

The first thing to know is that as a small business owner, you're not required to offer employees health coverage.

Your business is considered "small" if it employees 50 people or less.

If you already insure your employees, you can keep that coverage.

But starting Tuesday, you can log on to the online "marketplace" at www.healthcare.gov called SHOP. That's an acronym for Small Business Health Options Program. 

There are several benefits in offering your employees a plan through the marketplace:
-You control which plans to offer
-You get to decide how much you'll contribute to employee premiums
-You may be eligible for tax credits that you wouldn't get if you don't go through that program

But are you eligible for those tax credits?

What the Health Care Law Means If You're Already Insured

If you already have insurance through an employer, Medicare, or an individual plan, you don't have to do anything when enrollment for the online healthcare "marketplace" opens on Tuesday.

You won't be charged any fines, since your plan counts as "minimal essential coverage."

However, some employers may be dropping their coverage completely.

At the very least, you'll most likely see changes to your current plan.

All health plans will have to expand to provide certain benefits.

Those will include emergency services, prescription drugs, free preventive care, mammograms, vaccinations and more.

You might see higher deductibles or new taxes and fees tacked onto your bill, too. Those fees will be used to help offset the cost for low-income individuals or families.

Starting Tuesday, you have every right to browse and compare different health plans through the online marketplace at www.healthcare.gov.

How the Affordable Care Act Will Affect You

For almost 2 million Georgians who don't have medical insurance, Tuesday is a big day.

Enrollment opens for the Affordable Care Act's online "marketplace" where you can shop for health insurance.

Think of it like a one-stop shop online, like Amazon or Orbitz, where you can shop around for the best health care plan for you.

By the end of enrollment on March 31st, virtually all Americans will need to buy some sort of health insurance plan or face fines.

Those fines will start at $95 per person for 2014 and go up each year. In 2015, it will cost $325 per person to be uninsured. In 2016, that number jumps to $695. 

There's a cap on the fines for families; however, if you are not covered under a health insurance plan, you will have to pay 100% of your medical care out-of-pocket.

The federal Department of Health and Human Services says the online marketplace will offer Georgians an average of 50 health care plans.

Northeast HOSA Chapter Partners with American Red Cross for Blood Drive

Northeast HOSA Chapter Partners with American Red Cross for Blood Drive

The Northeast Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) chapter held a blood drive on Friday, September 6, at Northeast High School in a collaborative effort with the American Red Cross.

The Northeast HOSA chapter had a goal of collecting 32 units. They not only met their goal, but exceeded it by collecting 33 units.