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Post-high school options at Career Fest

Sam Singleton, a senior at Rutland High School wants to become a fighter pilot once he graduates and has already done plenty of research.

"You've got to go in front of a board, you have to get letters of recommendation, you've got to score 110 or higher on your GT score and you've got to pass the flight exam," Singleton explained.

But he says coming to this year's Career Fest has shown him more choices after high school.

"[The event] Informed me of more colleges I can apply to because I'm probably gonna take a couple of semesters before I go," he said.

The Career Fest is sponsored by 100 Black Men of Macon-Middle Georgia and is designed to show high schoolers their options after graduation.

Rene Neville, a chairman for the event, says it's great way for students to network whether they want to go to college, join the military or go straight to work.

Districts working to improve school culture

Suspensions, detentions and defiance. Those are issues schools battle with daily. To help quell the issues, some Central Georgia school districts are combating it with a state program.

Within the past two years, Monroe County High School has improved punctuality through its CHAMP program. That stands for "Courteous, Honorable, Accountable, Motivated, and Prepared."

"The year before we implemented our CHAMP program, we suffered over 6,000 tardies to school," said Jim Finch, principal.

Now they're down to 3,000, in a school of 1,200 kids.

CHAMP is based on the Georgia Department of Education's Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports system.

Kumho executives visit factory site

Executives from the Kumho Tire Company along with a few local leaders met to map out plans for the company's job fair in Macon next week.The future site of the new plant is coming to Sofkee Industrial Park in Bibb County.

13WMAZ's Paula Rotondo was there, and spoke to a few people about the jobs that'll be opening up.

There's not much to the area right now, but in about a year the Kumho Tire Factory will be at this site.

Jason Ahn is the General Manager of Kumho Tire Georgia. He says Macon had exactly what they needed.

He says, "Macon-Bibb County was selected as the location of our first endorsed American manufacturing facility for many reasons, but most importantly, it's a strong workforce."

U.S. Senate Candidates in Central Georgia

Election day is just around the corner.

Democratic senate candidate Michelle Nunn and Republican candidate David Perdue both paid visits to Central Georgia Wednesday.

People packed the restaurant, the Rookery, in downtown Macon to hear Michelle Nunn talk policy.

She says real change comes from overcoming the bipartisan divide.

Nunn says, "It's a contest about do we continue the gridlock that David seems to want to perpetuate or do we actually work across party lines to get things done."

This is a challenge she believe she is up for.

"We need someone who has spent their career actually focused on trying to make a difference and helping people and working across party lines to get things done that matter" she explains.

Sheriff's office looks to dog walkers to help fight crime

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office is looking to enlist a new crew of crime fighters.

Dog walkers.

The sheriff's office launched a new program called Dog Walker Watch. The program involves getting the assistance of dog owners to be extra eyes and ears for suspicious activity or crime while walking their animals.

A dog walker may be walking their dog and see suspicious activity such as:

  • Someone peering into parked vehicles or pulling on door handles to see if they are unlocked.

  • Sounds such as breaking glass that could be someone vandalizing or burglarizing someone's property.

  • People or vehicles that do not look familiar to the neighborhood.

Man found dead in east Macon creek

A man was found dead in a creek in east Macon late Wednesday afternoon.

Assistant Bibb County coroner Lonnie Miley identified the man as Robert Hudson, age 62. He was found in a creek, behind the CVS store off Emery Highway.

He said Hudson was known to be homeless.

Although they are investigating the death as suspicious, he said, Hudson had no visible injuries and he may have drowned in the shallow creek.

He said Hudson was last seen around 2 or 3 p.m. Wednesday, and his cousin later found him in the creek.

In the classroom with the 2015 Bibb Teacher of the Year

It's the 2015 Bibb County Teacher of the Year's first day back in class after the big announcement. Rutland High School science teacher Brian Butler said Tuesday night was exciting and overwhelming.

"It's one thing when you receive an award from a supervisor, but it's something else when your peers select you to represent them. That is very, very special," said Butler.

"Mr. Butler, he's a cool dude," said student Alexander Bryant.

"Students are always changing, they're surprising you, you get to see them grow, and it's just fantastic, it's a wonderful energy to be around," said Butler.

"I need examples on the board, and he'll do that. And he'll go step-by-step, which helps me out a lot throughout all the classes," said Maice Camp.