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Navicent Health Children's Hospital to host teddy bear clinic


Everyone has a favorite stuffed animal, and mine just happens to be "Panda."

He's been with me for many years and wants to find out what you can expect at the Teddy Bear Clinic.

Megan McGraw is a child life specialist at Navicent Health and said she hopes the event will show kids that there's nothing to be afraid of if you get sick or sent to the hospital.

"Let kids come and manipulate some of the medical equipment that they have heard of or seen. Maybe some of them have been in the hospital," said McGraw.

Bibb's next superintendent looks ahead

Bibb County's next superintendent said he has plenty of learning to do himself before making any changes within the district. On Tuesday, Jones said before he makes a plan of action on improving Bibb Schools, he must assess where the district stands.

"I believe teachers and principals have a great idea of what has been successful, and what's working in one place may not be working as well in another. The cabinet has ideas, and I need to find out where they are with those," said Jones, who likes people to refer to him as Curtis.

An avid reader, Jones said he stays up-to-date on education literature and applies what he learns to the district. Right now, he's reading a book called "Decisiveness." He said it talks about how to make decisions and implementing them to create more opportunities for success.

Hair heist: $11K in wigs, weaves taken in Macon burglary

Burglars made off with boxes of wigs and hair weaves worth about $11,000, according to an incident report filed at the Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

The items were taken during the past week from a storage shed in the 1600 block of Wesleyan Drive in Macon. The victim, Dae Song, told investigators that the burglars cut the lock off of the shed to get in.

Song, who spoke to deputies through a translator, said the thieves also took a box of shoes worth $100.

Taken in the burglary were:

  • Boxes of Hair Plus wigs - $6,000
  • Boxes of Hair Joint wigs - $2,000
  • Boxes of Fami Hair wigs - $1,000
  • Boxes of Beverly Hair wigs - $1,000
  • Boxes of Motown weave - $1,000
  • Boxes of Kali shoes - $100

Macon Crime Files: Burglars take everything and kitchen sink

Date: March 2, 2015

Incident type: Burglary

Location: 4060 Dellwood Drive

Burglars broke into a vacant home and took all of the appliances and the kitchen sink. The agent who was selling the home reported the crime to Bibb County deputies who noticed damage to a back window that was up.

Along with the kitchen sink, burglars also took the kitchen cabinets, bathroom sink, oven and a window all totaling about $2,300.

Date: March 3, 2015

Incident type: Burglary 2nd degree

Location: 1665 Wesleyan Drive

House bill aims to tackle wild hog problem

They're ravaging crops, and they're chomping into farmers' wallets too. Fiesty feral hogs are causing millions of dollars in damage to farms across the state.

"They got in there and tore up approximately 10 acres. You know, 2,000 bushels and at $5 a bushel, that's $10,000," Dooly County farmer Bruce West said.

That's just one cornfield wild hogs tore through on West's 1,600-acre farm.

"We caught four in a trap the other night. The smallest one was about 250 pounds, the biggest one was 300 pounds," he said.

The above video is caught by Jager Pro Video Productions from one of West's traps.

"You want to make sure all of them are caught at the same time, or else you're educating the ones that aren't caught that there's a trap," West said.

It's a headache felt from these dirt roads to the state legislature.

Former Macon-Bibb deputies back in court

Three former Macon-Bibb deputies are expected in court this Friday.

According to the Middle District of Georgia court clerk, Decarlo Latimore, Arthur Howard, and Jimmy Denson are expected to appear before Judge Marc Treadwell for a change of plea hearing.

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Macon-Bibb delivering 1,350 trash cans

Macon-Bibb delivering 1,350 trash cans

Beginning February 6, Macon-Bibb County’s Solid Waste Department began delivering more than 1,300 trash cans based on requests submitted through SeeClickFix. Deliveries continue on Fridays and Saturdays the next several weeks to meet the more than 1,400 requests submitted.