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UPDATE: Macon teen charged with homicide in fatal July wreck

UPDATE: A Bibb County grand jury charged a Macon teen with homicide by vehicle and reckless driving in a fatal July accident.

Grant Hoffman was the driver in the July 23 single-vehicle accident that killed Abigail Hinson.

The indictment alleges that Hoffman caused Hinson's death by driving a motor vehicle in a "reckless manner ... by driving in excess of forty miles an hour over the posted speed limit at night on Zebulon Road," a news release from the District Attorney's office states.


The case of a Macon teen involved in a fatal car wreck in July will be heard by a Bibb County grand jury Tuesday morning.

Macon Dunkin Donuts developer sues Rep. James Beverly

Lou Patel, a developer building a Dunkin Donuts in Macon, is suing State Rep. James Beverly, regarding the purchase and demolition of the historic Douglass House in Macon.

Earlier this year, Patel purchased the former Tremont Temple Baptist Church on Pine Street to build a Dunkin Donuts. Patel later purchased the Douglass Home property, with the intent of moving the historic home and building a parking lot for the doughnut shop.

In a lawsuit filed Friday in Macon-Bibb County Superior Court, Patel argues that Beverly deceived him by convincing him to purchase the Douglass House at 873 Pine St. under the belief that the home would be moved and preserved for historic use if Patel purchased it and donated it to Beverly and the Macon-Bibb Community Enhancement Authority.

State report says Dallemand violated bidding laws

A state investigation says Romain Dallemand violated state laws and Bibb school board policies by approving millions of dollars in contracts without authority.

Those were some of the findings from Georgia's State Professional Standards Commission.

They say the former Bibb County School Superintendent and his IT director Tom Tournand awarded no-bid contracts and failed to follow other procedures.

The state report says Dallemand ordered some employees to wire millions to two companies, even though board rules said they should have been paid by check.

Last month, the state commission revoked Dallamand and Tourand's educator credentials. Tourand is appealing that decision.

Ferguson: Where do we go from here?

The tension between protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, and police led to conversations about the use of military-style equipment by police and the behavior of protesters. 13 WMAZ spoke to two Macon-Bibb leaders earlier Monday about how those on both sides of the issue move forward.

Al Tillman serves on the Macon-Bibb commission and also runs Unity-N-Community, a non-profit and social advocacy group.
He says it's all about local leaders recognizing what he calls a strained relationship between the Black communities and police across the country and coming up with a plan to change it.
"Do we protest and just march, stand up. Do we just boycott things? We want mayors, governors, and this entire country to take a look at this and say, 'That's a problem and it needs to be addressed.' And law enforcement agencies need to admit that there's a problem..and we just need to face it head on," he said.

Eight stores to reopen after Bibb Co. gambling raid

Eight of the stores accused of conducting illegal gambling can open back up.

However District Attorney David Cooke said evidence shows some of them were just illegal gaming fronts, not actual stores. And those stores won't open. He would not say which ones.

A court-appointed receiver held control of the 10 stores since they were raided on November 7th. Six people are charged with allowing illegal gambling there.

Opinion: Shopping on Thanksgiving

Black Friday has become Black Thursday.

Best Buy, Old Navy, Target and plenty of other stores are gearing up to open on Thanksgiving Day.

But not everyone is excited for the holiday rush.

"I think Thanksgiving Day should not be a shopping day it should be a family day," said Thelma Lane who says Thanksgiving is a special holiday, "I'd rather spend time with my family than shopping, you've got Friday for that."

And some retailers agree. Home Depot and Marshalls are just two stores that are closed on Thanksgiving.

But shoppers like Cassie Kitchens don't mind grabbing deals early.

"I think it's good because they do have a lot of sales going on and you can get stuff for a lot cheaper than if you would wait until later," said Kitchens.

She says she plans to shop on Thanksgiving but after spending time with her family.

Forsyth family's property damaged in storm

On the shoulder of Reedy Creek Road in Forsyth lies what's left of one family's trampoline. A few yards away, a plastic table is toppled in their yard.

But it's what lies behind their home, that Audri McLaurin and her family were most surprised to see in the wake of Sunday night's storm.

The roof of a barn they built about five years ago was crushed like tin foil. Some of it was in a nearby tree.

"I looked out the window and saw things swirling around, so I stopped the vacuum cleaner and went to watch the news. We felt the pressure building in the windows, so my husband told us to get in the bathroom and then the electricity went out," she said.

From that point McLaurin said she relied on her faith as her family rode out the storm.