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Check if your car has been recalled

(WXIA) -- A free online search tool helps drivers determine if their cars have been recalled.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched the website, which contains information for all major light vehicles and motorcycles.

To see if your car is part of an uncompleted recall, visit safecar.gov/vinlookup and enter your car's Vehicle Identification Number. A VIN is located on the dashboard of the driver's side or on the driver's side door on the door post, where the door latches when it's closed.

Business support for Eisenhower revamp

The sign on A& R Furniture's front door lets passersby know its open for business, but the lots next door and across the street tell a very different story.

"I was shocked, surprised whatever you want to say when Taco Bell just closed down," business owner Abraham Abu Aziza said.

Abu Aziza says he opened his store on Eisenhower Parkway and has been neighbors with blight ever since.

"If somebody would be responsible just to clean this part here just make Eisenhower look a lot better than what it is. I wish somebody would be responsible for that just to keep Eisenhower as clean as they can because it really does make a difference," he said.

That's exactly why Macon-Bibb commissioners approved a community improvement district.

Commissioner Al Tillman says, "I think it's necessary because you want to have the same thing in your area that other parts of town."

Driver drives through new Macon roundabout

There's a right way to drive around a roundabout. And then there's what a driver did in Macon's College Hill Corridor over the weekend.

The new roundabout that opened Friday to much fanfare at College and Oglethorpe streets already has a set of tire tracks running clear through it.

UPDATE: No sign of struggle or robbery in fatal Macon shooting

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office is investigating a homicide that occurred at the Rockland Apartments at 2295 Recreation Road.

It was a tearful scene Monday morning.

40 year old Milton Stephens Junior, or "Mit" as friends called him, was found shot in his home around 9:52 am.

Officers team up for active shooter training

Local law enforcement agencies worked together today to focus on safety on campus.

It was a training exercise about active shooters for officers from Central Georgia Tech, Middle Georgia State College and the Bibb County Sheriff Office.

They came together Friday for one mission to take a pretend active shooter down.

This was the first time they have practiced these drills as a team.

Officers knew there would be a drill, but they did not have specifics like the obstacles they would face or the location of the pretend shooter.

"Your success depends on whether lives are saved or not," says Sergeant Scott Chapman of the Bibb County Sheriff Department, "So this training provides us with the kind of confidence we need."

Airline wants out of Macon

It has been just over a year since Fort Lauderdale-based Silver Airways was selected to run flights out of the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

Now the group says they want out of Macon.

Among other reasons, Silver Airways says ridership isn't up to their forecasts and it's not economical to continue service.

Also, the federal government plans to end its longtime subsidies for service out of the Macon airport.

The Department of Transportation approved an annual subsidy of nearly $2 million a year for the airline to provide service for two years.

Silver Airways runs one round-trip flight to Atlanta each weekday and one weekend flight -- a total of six a week. The airline also provides round-trip flights to Orlando.

Bibb County Superior Court says disaster preparedness plan is secure

Bibb County Superior Court says disaster preparedness plan is secure


After the courthouse in Hancock County burned down this past week, Bibb County Superior Court is revisiting its disaster preparedness plan.

At the Superior Court Clerk's office, they use microfilm as well as recent technology to back up every single one of their records. Some records dating back to the 17th century.

"Backed up every day through the clerk's authority program called my vault," said Superior Court Clerk Erica Woodford.