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Roberts, Tillman Denounce Mystery Campaign Flyer | News

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Roberts, Tillman Denounce Mystery Campaign Flyer

When Macon-Bibb commission candidate Adah Roberts got into her car after a Sunday church service, she says she noticed a flyer under her windshield.

Roberts says she was disgusted when she took it off and read its message.

"I don't understand why somebody would need to be so negative and why they need to say such ugly things," she says.

The top of the flyer reads: 'The Reichert and Schlesinger Republican agenda is bad for you!!!'

It goes on to say Mayor Robert Reichert, council member Larry Schlesinger, and 'Plantation Nigras' tricked voters into passing consolidation. Then at the bottom, the flyer urges people to vote for C. Jack Ellis, Henry Ficklin, and Adah Roberts.

"I have not run a negative campaign in my district, and I certainly have no part with this," says Roberts. "I don't know who this came from. No one talked to me about it. No one asked for my approval, and I do not approve of this. It's awful."

Roberts says the flyer goes against her goal to reunite and rejuvenate the community.

The flyer lists 13 people, a mix of elected officials and community leaders, as supporters of Reichert and Schlesinger. Among them is new Macon-Bibb district nine commissioner Al Tillman.

"Our community is trying to come together in a new consolidated government, and you don't need people trying to further divide our community," says Tillman. "How can we develop new and young talent when the 'old guard' is treating them this way?"

Tillman says he knows several others who received the flyer, and he's also seen it circulating on social media sites.

Both he and Roberts say they don't know who is behind the flyer, but they hope it does not affect voters' decisions at the polls Tuesday.


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